Best Tutorial To Fix AVI File Corruption

AVI stands for Audio Video Interface which is a multimedia file format designed by Microsoft Corporation. AVI is considered as a basic file format used to save both video and audio into a single file and this property make AVI files more effective as compared to other video file types. Due to its excellent feature, AVI has become the most popular format for saving video calls made through MSN Live Messenger and Skype. There AVI video files are reliable but still due to some unexpected reasons AVI video files become inaccessible and unplayed. If your AVI files are not inaccessible and get corrupt, then there are ways to repair corrupted AVI files.


Factors Responsible From Corruption Of AVI Video Files?

  1. Interruption During File Transfer – AVI files can get corrupt or damage if there is any error or interruption while transferring files from computer to external device.
  2. Due To Malware Or Virus Infection – The attack of malware or virus infection on system hard drive or other storage device containing AVI files may be the one of the major cause of AVI file corruption
  3. Unexpected Power Failure – The reasons for AVI file corruption also includes sudden system shutdown and unexpected power failure which leads to forceful termination and may affect the structure of AVI files.
  4. Other Causes – Other reasons due to which AVI files get corrupt includes damage of AVI file header, bad sector on storage drive, application malfunction, improper download etc.

Use of backup files can only save you when you face such kind of problem with AVI files due to the reason mentioned above. AVI file corruption can be easily fixed with the help of suitable and accurate AVI file repair software such as “Photo Recovery Software”.

How To Fix AVI Files Corruption

Photo Recovery Software” is a reliable utility designed to fix or repair damaged or corrupted AVI files on both Mac and Windows platforms. This tool has the potential to fix damaged or corrupt DIVX and XVID video files. This tool supports the recovery of corrupted AVI files from storage media such as memory cards, hard drives, USB drives, iPods, external hard drives etc. This tool is capable to deeply scan the corrupt AVI files and recover them all without any lag. This utility works compatibility on all Mac version and all latest Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8,8.1 and so on.


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