Best Tutorial To Recover Corrupted Videos From SD Card

Looking for recovering videos from Sd crd? Has your SD card video gte deleted or corrupted? Then just go thorgh this post.

SDHC Card File Recovery

Numerous or you can almost device like cameras, smartphone, etc needs SD card in order to expand their storage capacity and it has increases its demand in the market. It along with its highly portable nature, can store almost format files like audios, videos, images, text files, document files, pdf files, etc. Video files is being loved by so many peoples, as it’s a great source for the entertainment. But unfortunately, like others, here also is a great chance of corruption or deletion that may cause data loss. Some of the normal reasons behind corruption of any videos of SD card.

  • Mistakenly, pressing “Shift + Delete” button simultaneously.
  • Malware is one of the most common reason for SD card video corruption.
  • Opening, renaming, copying, moving or deleting any file while it is opened.
  • SD card data may get corrupted or damaged is being played on unlicensed media players or being edited on unauthorized image editor.
  • Some of your unusual activities like forceful shut down, irregular power supply, sudden power failure, etc can damage SD card data.
  • Occurrence of any error wile copying and transferring files may cause data damage.
  • Having insufficient space in the SD card.


Apart this, there can be various reason that can cause data loss. If having backup, then you don’t need to worry, as yo can easily restore them. But, in case, if you don’t have any backup, then also you don’t need to get disappointed as, with the enhancement in technology, it’s not a big deal. In order to regain all the deleted or corrupted video from SD card, you are highly advised to use “Photo Recovery Software”. As, it’s one of the most effective and powerful software that has been specially designed by the professionals team by taking very advanced and high level algorithm. This software is well capable to restore almost all types of videos and is compatible with both Windows and mac operating system. And the best part is that, it can recover high definition photos and videos without reducing its quality.


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