Best Tutorial To Recover Deleted Photos From Formatted Hard Drive


Hi, my computer was attacked by a trojan virus and hence I intended to clear partition through formatting the hard drive. My antivirus software failed to remove virus. I thought format technique would help me to save my computer from virus but I didn’t notice that My document was under partition D and I has stored all my photos in this drive. After the warning shown, I pressed “OK” button and continued with the format process. It was too late when I found all my photos in My documents gets deleted completely by my mistake. I tried several methods to get back all the deleted photos but at last failed. I am looking for an effective method to recover deleted photos from formatted hard drive. Please help me !! Thank you.

Have you lost your important or valuable photos from computer’s external or internal drive, due to accidental deletion or format? People store their important data such as photos into computer’s hard drive thinking it as the safest secondary storage devices. There are two types of hard drives – external and internal.


Basically, both are similar but external hard drive is connected to the computer externally. The External hard drive is a portable storage device which can be easily carried and capable to transfer photos or other data from one computer to another. The main motive of using external hard drive is to keep backup of data. But often, hard drive gets deleted or formatted due to several reasons.

Situations In Which Photos Are Lost Or Deleted From Hard Disk Drives

  1. Virus attack on the computer or photo file is the main reason for photo loss from system hard drives.
  2. Power failure while previewing the photos from hard disk drive
  3. If a user delete photos by using Shift + Delete key combination, which as a result bypass the recycle bin
  4. Re-formatting the hard disk drive which leads to photo loss
  5. Unwanted interruption while photos being transferred between the external drive to system
  6. Conflict between system software and third party application software resulting in photo loss
  7. Accidentally deleting the photo file from internal or external hard disk

If you have lost your precious photos due to any reason, do not panic ! Still you have a chance to recover deleted photos from formatted hard drive. “Photo Recovery Software” is an amazing tool to recover deleted photos in any kind of situation. This software supports several hard disk brands such as Toshiba, SanDisk, Kingston etc. With the help of this software you can easily recover deleted photos maintaining the image quality captured by digital cameras. Apart from this, the recovery software also recovers the deleted video and audio formats. This software supports the recovery from Windows operating system and Mac OS as well.


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