Blackberry SD Card – Ideal Tutorial For Blackberry SD Card Recovery

Because of its outstanding technology and features, BlackBerry (BB) actually has become choice of so many users. This brand is well known for manufacturing wireless hand held Smartphone. Initially, phones were fundamentally used in order to send / receive emails or for messaging. Now a days, that time has passed. BlackBerry phone now comes with various other features like Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), portable media player, high resolution camera, gaming device, high speed Internet browser, voice recorder, video recorder and so on. In order to store all these files, phone memory is being provided by them, but in order to expand them people generally uses SD cards as storage media. It is well capable to store almost all format files and folders, but due to some circumstances it can get unexpectedly corrupted deleted resulting data loss. Some of the known reasons for this issues are :

    • Blackberry SD card’s file system corruption because of presence of any virus.
    • Indecent ending of media player can result photos corruption or damaged.
    • Peculiar user activities like improper system shut down, power failure, Shutting down the device without closing all the application, etc may lead to corruption in photos and videos.

  • You may accidentally delete all your photos nu mistakenly clicking ‘Shift + Delete” keys.
  • Using unauthorized media player may corrupt photo or video file.
  • Also, unauthorized image editor can corrupt images of your SD card.
  • Improper insertion and ejection of the Blackberry SD card from the card reader/camera or mobile can damage your data.
  • Modification in file extension of the photos may also result in its corruption.
  • Occurrence of any errors while data transferring data from one device to another.

Things you need to do after losing files from BlackBerry’s SD card?

The immediate thing that you need to do after feeling any of corruption and deletion is to stop using the device as it will help SD card to stay away from data overwrite. AS the fact behind it is that, every storage medium like SD card has file table that holds record of physical location and file information of all the files. When you accidentally delete any MOV files or your files get corrupted because of any reasons then only index from the file table is abstracted, means the original file still reside on that particular medium until and unless any new file is overwritten there. So, if you don’t do so, you have to suffer from permanent data loss.

Now, in order to recover all the photos from Blackberry SD Card, you are highly advisable to use “Photo Recovery Software”. As, it has been innovatively designed by the team of professionals by taking high level and advanced algorithm that helps you to regain all the photos and videos from Blackberry SD Card. This software is so powerful that it can recover almost all format of photos and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system. Further, it has very interactive and user friendly interface making it easy for non technical people also to use it with ease.



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