Easy method to Recover Photo From External Hard Disk


External Hard disk has become the safe place to store precious photo in order to keep it away from malware infections. But most of the peoples lose their pictures even from the external hard disk while connecting to the PC for data sharing. While transferring photos from external hard disk to PC, if you sudden remove the external hard disk then you may completely lose your photos. The recovery of these lost photos are not possible manually. Don’t panic, Photo Recovery from External Hard Disk is possible by the use of the Photo recovery software.

How the photos are lost?

There are several reasons that leads to the loss of photos from External hard disk and some of the scenario are explained below-

  • while deleting some unwanted photos you may delete all images accidentally from hard disk
  • The formating of particular hard drive instead of formating other drive your computer may be the reason of losing Photo from External Hard Disk
  • The virus infections present in the PC may corrupt your External Hard disk while connecting it for photo sharing to the infected PC.
  • Some of the error like hardware problem, the re-partition of hard drive, bad sectors etc are the most serious reasons for the loss of the data from external hard disk.

Software for Photo Recovery from External Hard Disk

The photos lost from external hard disk can be easily recovered by the use of the photo recovery software. Stellar photo recovery software is the most effective software that really helps you in recovery of the deleted photos from external hard disk. It supports all the formats of pictures like JPEG, JPG, PNG and TIFF while recovery process and also available for the recovery of deleted media from other digital devices. This software is also effective in recovery of deleted photos from camera, hard drive, pen drive, SD card and many other devices. Hence, the Stellar pfoto recovery software is the best option to recover the deleted photos from external hard disk and its interface is also simple and straight.

Features of the Software-

1. This software is also effective in recovery of deleted photos from Hard drives, SD Card and even from digital camera.
2. It supports the devices having capacity upto 2 TB while recovery process.
3. Its has the feature of preview option and save deleted photo with their original file names.
4. It recovers efficiently all HD MOV files from the devices.

Steps for Photo Recovery from External Hard Disk

1. Download and install Stellar Photo Recovery Software on your PC.
2. Connect your External Hard Disk to the PC from where you want to perfrom recovery.
3. Then select Lost Photo Recovery Software option for recovery of your lost photos.
4. Choose the external drive option from where you have lost your photos.
5. Click on the Scan, it will scan your hard disk and the number of deleted photos will be displayed on the screen.
6. Choose the photos that you wish to recover from the list and and choose the location where you want to store the recovered photos.
7. Click on the save button to finish the photo recovery process from external hard disk.