Easy Recovery of Deleted Epson Digital Camera RAW ERF Files

Hi !! Today I am here to share my data loss scenario with everyone. Actually I do own an Epson digital camera and have taken lots of photos from it but unfortunately my cousins deletes all the images by mistake while viewing photos. Now I do no have backed up the photos, thus looking for any reliable solution that could help me in getting the deleted photos back from my Epson camera. So, Is there anyone who can help me out in this situation. Thanks in advance…


In today’s scenario losing photos from digital camera has been labeled as a very common scenario. Researches proves that almost every digital camera are prone to loss of data because of format, accidental deletion or several other reasons. Same the case has been found with Epson digital camera. Though Epson is undoubtedly one of the most popular brand of digital camera that produces numerous types of camera applicable for both photographers as well as common users but yet the data can get lost from it because of several unfortunate scenarios. Generally in this situation the users get panic and start thinking that they have losen the files on permanent basis but that is not the truth at all. However as a matter of fact, the file still stays on the camera and can get recovered by the means of an effective photo recovery software. But before proceeding towards recovery process it is important for one to know about ERF file and the reason liable behind the loss of photos from the EPSON camera.


About ERF File

The erf file extension is basically associated with Epson digital cameras and was developed by Epson Company itself. These files stored photos in Epson RAW format. RAW images are actually minimally processed data taken from CCD or CMOS sensor of digital camera. These RAW files can further get transformed into several other image file formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG etc.

Liable Sources For Loss Of Epson Digital Camera RAW ERF Image Files

  • Interruption while transferring photos from card such as abrupt power failure, harshly ejection of card etc results in the loss of photos from the Epson camera.
  • Utilizing the same storage device on various distinct gadgets also leads to the data loss scenario from the Epson camera.
  • Injecting digital media on incompatible device.
  • Forceful ejection of device while accessing data.
  • Formatting of device without keeping backup is also a major reason responsible behind the occurrence of data loss scenario.
  • Corruption of the file system that has been utilized to store data due to improper handling makes the entire data stored in it inaccessible.

Perfect Solution To Recover Deleted / Lost Epson Digital Camera RAW ERF Image Files

In you are in seek of a solution to recover the deleted Epson Digital Camera RAW ERF Image Files, then it is strongly recommended to make usage of ERF File Recovery Software. This software being compatible with all the latest version of Windows and Mac OS has been labeled as the best tool for restoring deleted, corrupted, formatted, missing and inaccessible photos, videos and audios form several digital media devices. It includes a very simple and interactive user-interface. This software has been designed in such a manner that it can very easily rescue lost / deleted or corrupted EFR files from the Epson camera. It supports almost all types of most popular memory cards including SD card, XD card, CF card etc.