Effective Guidelines To Restore Lost Photos During Transfer


Photos are taken to capture the precious moment of your life. It is not necessary to take the print out of the photos as most of the users used to store the photos in a storage device. Even though there are some chances of losing those photos from the system. You may accidentally lose your photos from the device while transferring from camera to PC due to some software or hardware malfunctions. There are several reasons like removal of memory card when card is connected to PC and the transferring of photos is processing or sudden shut down of the system when transfer process is going on.

Reasons for loss of photos

  • Virus Infections – The virus infection present in the system may corrupt the photos in the device while transferring the photos.
  • Lack of memory space – you may lose some of thge photos if the system hard drive may not have enough space to keep the transferred photos in it.
  • Interruptions – The interruption occurs while transferring the photos like power failure, hardware failure or software malfunction may cause loss of precious pictures from the device containing photos.
  • Other Issue – The incorrect use of the “CUT” and “PASTE” commands while transferring photos from one device to another device.
  • Human error – Sometimes when the memory card is connected to the system and in the system instead of deleting the unwanted photos you may unintentionally delete your precious photos.

It become quite complex to restore the lost photos while transfer without the backup data. However, by the use of good photo recovery software you may restore your lost photos by just a quick scan.

Which Photo Recovery software to use ?

If you do not have backup photos then no need to worry, because by the use of good photo recovery software you can easily restore the lost photos without any hassle. The photo recovery software uses powerful algorithm to perform the recovery process from storage devices like USB drives, camera, pen drives , hard drives, ipods and many other storage devices. It supports almost all the images format like JPG, JPEG, PNG, RAW and other format of images and also recover the music, videos and many useful documents from storage devices from where the photos have been lost while transferring.

Features of the Software :-

  1. This Photo Recovery software is also effective in recovery of deleted photos from Hard drives, SD Card and Camera.
  2. It supports the devices having capacity upto 2 TB while recovery process.
  3. It has the feature of preview option and save deleted photo with their original file names.
  4. It recovers efficiently all important files from the devices that containing various precious photos