Get Back Your iPod Files After Update


iPod is the most popular medium of listening music in the world. It can also be used to store different videos, images, documents. There are a lot of cases of loss of music files from iPod due to sudden power off the PC when the playlist was being updated from iTunes library. It may definitely delete your all music and videos files from your iPod after updating iPod with the help of iTunes. If the update was unsuccessful or there is some problem with the update then the error message will be displayed like

“There was an unexpected error while downloading songs (-3259)”
“iTunes could not connect to the Store. An unknown error occurred (-3259). Check the network connection is proper and try again”

There error may lead to the loss of files from iPods. However, there are several reasons that are responsible for the loss of data from iPod like :

  • You may unintentionally delete some of your important files from iPod instead of deleting useless files.
  • The formatting of iPod may delete all the files and videos stored in the iPod.
  • The corruption of iPods files may also delete the media stored in it.
  • The usage of same iPod on different platforms and restoring the iPods to its factory settings may delete the music file.

Don’t Panic, To Recover Files after iPod Update is an easy task and can be recovered efficiently with the help of popular recovery software

Software To Recover iPod Files after update

The Stellar Photo Recovery software is very useful in recovery of deleted files from iPods after update. It can also be used in recovery of different media lost due to corruption, formatting, sync errors or freezing of iPods. To Recover Files after iPod Update and to get back your deleted videos, music files, documents, images etc, this recovery tool plays a great role. It also support the recovery from different models of iPods like iPod mini, iPod calssic, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle on different versions of Windows Operating system and Mac operating system.

Features of the Software

  • This tool can be used for the recovery of almost all the files from different storage devices like mobile phones, SD card, iPods, Pen drive, windows hard drive etc.
  • It can be used to recover the lost files from the storage devices having capacity up to 2 TB.
  • It efficiently performs the recovery process and allows you to save the deleted files with their original file name.
  • It is compatible on all versions of Windows operating system and Mac operating system.

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