Guidelines To Fix MOV File After Header Corruption

Are you also looking to fix MOV file after header corruption? Did you accidentally deleted your loved videos of MOV format? Have you lost your MOV files?  Looking for MOV file recovery?


These days, with the popularity of smartphones and other gadgets, people really has become crazy for audios and videos. Videos comes on various formats. Among them, MOV is one of the widely used video format that has been developed by Apple brands which can be played on both Mac and Windows operating system. Sometimes while playing MOV files, some errors may be generated on any of the player that is QuickTime player, Window Media Player, VLC and all preventing you from accessing that respective MOV files. Means, you can’t play them.

What does header corruption of MOV file means?

Header is actually refers to a location in MOV file, that holds the first origin of the block for hard disk file. That locality also poses information like file size, last modification time, file creation date and all. In case, if any of the header file get missed then, in that scenario, respective MOV file doesn’t acknowledged by any media player and get fails to play.

Reasons for MOV header file corruption?

  • Indecent working of device can lead corruption in MOV files.
  • Having any malware is one of the root cause of data corruption.
  • Happening of error or any human interruption while transferring files from one device to another.
  • Ejecting  Kingston MicroSD Card  without switching of the device also cause photos video corruption or deletion.
  • Unusual user activities like forceful shutdown, improper ejection of  removable media, sudden power failure, etc.
  • Having bad sectors on the device.

Apart this, there can be various reasons for the header damage of MOV files. And this can cause data loss.  No doubt, having backup will help you to recover all the MOV files. But, in case of absence of it, there is a great probability permanent data loss. But thanks to “Photo Recovery Software” which has make it possible for everyone to restore and fix MOV files after header corruption. As, it has been specially designed by the team of experts that helps you to regain all your MOV files back easily. Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system, it has very smart and user friendly interface that make it perfect for non technical people also. Apart this, it can easily scan storage device having capacity up to 2 TB.

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