How Can Anyone Restore Photos from Mac Trash


Mac is considered as the fastest and strong operating system and it is one of the most popular in the present generation. The tasks performed on this OS are with the unbeatable speed. If someone deletes some files from the Mac, then those deleted files are sent to Trash folder which is present on the Desktop of the PC. The trash folder is as like a storage that keeps all the files that are deleted from the system, except the user deletes the files using ‘Shift+Delete’ command which permanently deletes the files from the system without taking the deleted file to the Trash folder. There are various file formats that are supported by Mac OS like videos, audios and photos etc. Suppose that while going through the pictures stored into the computer system, you do not find the necessity of some pictures right now and so you delete them from your system. This takes the deleted picture to the ‘Trash’ folder. Suppose the pictures stored into this folder are also deleted. What can you do now? Before answering this, let us have a quick look on some reasons that can cause the deletion of picture files from the trash folder of Mac OS:

  1. The user may partition the format during the process of installing new Operating System. This will erases all the files including photo files from the Trash Bin.

  2. Sometimes the user may empty the Trash folder without checking all files, this will cause photos loss from the Trash folder.

  3. The user may make a mistake by unknowingly deleting photo files while selecting type of image files that has to be restored.

  4. When the user restore photos from the Mac Trash, then due to incomplete restoration process, the user may face the inaccessibility to access the photos.


However, the user can now restore photos from Mac Trash. This is possible by using Mac digital photo recovery software. Following are its features:

  1. The user can recover all their lost or deleted photos from the storage media of any Mac based operating system. Some of the most commonly used picture formats used by this recovery software include JPEG, GIF, BMP, PSP, PCT, MOS, MRW, PSD, INDD, JP2, PNG, TIFF, CR2, CRW, DNG, ORF, ERF, NRW, NEF, PEF, X3F, Sr2, ARW, RAW and RAF.

  2. The recovery software tool gives the comfort to preview and recover any kind of deleted/lost/inaccessible picture files on the interface, without compromising its picture quality.

  3. The recovery tool can also recover all the lost pictures from any model of all brands of digital camera.

  4. This Macintosh Digital Media Recovery Software can be used on any Mac supported internal or external storage devices, like digital cameras, ipods, Mini disks and flsh-cards etc.

  5. This recovery software can also successfully recover your images from a SD card, memory card and hard drive without taking a backup or creating an image of the drive.

  6. The application also gives ‘Dedicated Deleted Recovery Tree List’ that lists the pictures previously deleted from the system. In this regard, the user can distinctively recover specific deleted files, while leaving other existing ones from the list.

  7. The software can also recover other multimedia files such as audio and video. It can support more than 2 TB storage media that a normal user can recover entirely deleted content in a single go.

  8. It provides good and instructive user-friendly interface that lets the user to resize the application wizard as per their convenience.

  9. The user can also recover the thumbnail of the photos, in case the picture is severely corrupt and complete recovery is not possible in any way.