How Do I Recover Data From Corrupted Compact Flash Card?


Compact Flash card is small electronic storage device that is widely used in different electronic gadgets like Camera, Mobile Phones, Media player, Camcorders etc to store the captured photos and videos and to store the video, music and important file. But like other SD card, there is also some chances of corruption of compact flash card, the corruption may occur due to the hardware failure or improper termination of compact flash card. However, the corrupted compact flash card recovery can be performed by the use of good photo recovery software. Some of the common reasons that causes corruption of Compact flash card are discussed below:


  • The removal Of CF card from the PC when it is connected to the PC and the transfer of file is processing may result in loss of file.
  • The virus and malware infection may also corrupt your CF card and causes loss of files stored in it.
  • The usage of same CF card in different electronic device may also result in loss of files from the card.
  • The CF card may get automatically corrupted and the files becomes inaccessible while accessing.

It is always noted that the data are not lost completely from the CF card, it becomes invisible and inaccessible until you perform any task on it. It can be recovered easily with the help of corrupted compact flash card recovery software

Corrupted Compact Flash Card Recovery

No need to worry, whatever may be the reason of corruption of CF card the data stored in it can easily be recovered with the help of Stellar Photo Recovery Software. This tool is much effective in recovery of lost pictures, audios, videos, files stored in any storage device like CF card, SD card, Flash card, MMC card from different electronic devices like Camera, mobile phones, music player etc. This tool performs a quick and fast scan to to recover the lost data and let you to save it with its original file name. This Tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and Mac operating system.

Features Of Corrupted Compact Flash Card Recovery Software:

  • It can be used to recover files from hard drives, Memory card and Camera
  • It provides preview option that let you to save file with their original file name.
  • It supports the scanning of devices having storage capacity upto 2 TB.
  • It is compatible with different versions of Mac and Windows Operating system.


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