How To Get Back Files from MicroSD Card

Get Back Files from MicroSD Card

Last week, my daughter went on an amazing adventurous vacation with her mother and she took thrilling pictures to show off on front of her friends. Both of them had taken many beautiful scenery photographs and was also planning to share them with friends and relatives through Facebook. They completed their tour and reached home. After this when my daughter connected the micro SD card with the computer, something unknown happened and the card could not open. The error also made all the files on the card inaccessible. If anyone knows is it able to Get Back Files from MicroSD Card, please let me know immediately so that I may assist the duo.

MicroSD is a type of removable flash memory card. SD means ‘Secure Digital’. This card is widely used for storing information and used in handheld devices such as mobile phones, portable media players and digital cameras etc. It is the smallest memory card. With other storage memory cards, microSD card is also prone to data loss due to various reasons, whether mechanical or human. Following are a few causes of data loss:

  • Transfer error or software failure.

  • Corruption or formatting of the card.

  • Accidental deletion of image files.

  • Camera mishandling.

  • Switching off the camera while memory card is still being used.

  • Pulling the microSD card out of the camera in an inappropriate way.

Though in a digital era where every data may be volatile and delete button can make the a forever lost, the user can still retrieve and get back files from MicroSD Card by using recovery software.

More About MicroSD Card Recovery Software

The MicroSD card recovery software can recover deleted, corrupted, formatted and any type of lost pictures, photos, images and videos from Micro Secure Digital card. This provides wizard-style and easy-to-use interface that allows a user to get back files from MicroSD Card in an easy way. This tool supports all SD card brands including SanDisk, Transcent, Kingston, Lexar, PNY and PQI etc. This recovery software is incorporated with effective and efficient scanning algorithms to recover lost photos in all cases of card corruption and deletion. Furthermore, this recovery tool can also recover all types of photo formats such as JPEG, GIF, PGM, PBM, PNG, Exif, RAW and TIFF etc. It can retrieve photos of all corruption causes and scenarios that are discussed above in this article.

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