How To Recover CR2 Photos Easily

cr2-fileCR2 file is a raw camera image created by Canon digital camera. CR2 file type is used by some popular Canon digital cameras, such as EOS300d, EOS350d, EOS400d and Digital Rebel XT. It stores uncompressed image data exactly as it was captured by the camera, which can be adjusted for white balance and exposure using an image-editing software program. CR2 files are saved in a format based on the TIFF specification. This file is extremely high quality, and are the very best when it comes to editing. However, very few programs can open them. Adobe Photo-shop can open them, as will Windows if you download the code. This files usually contains much information for the picture that are lost when picture is saved in JPEG or other image file formats. Because CR2 file format contains vast quantities of information, the size of the CR2 file will be about four times larger than equivalent highest quality JPEG file format.

Everyone want to save their memories at long time in form of videos and photos. Your photo and video may be related to any occasion such as marriage, outings, festivals, birthday, etc. If you want to capture photograph, Canon digital camera is the best camera which give you amazing picture quality and functionality. Unfortunately your images and videos are get crash by any error.

How Files Corrupted:

Once your camera’s photo or video is corrupt it will not open easily. Your all photos and videos are formatted from your Canon digital camera. No need to take tension there is one way that you can Recover CR2 Photos. It may crash because of many reason like virus attack, formatting of memory card, accidental deletion etc. It can damage all your collection of your favorite songs and video also. Don’t worry there is a Photo recovery software which can repair all your corrupted videos, photos, audios, etc of Canon digital camera.

Solution To Recover CR2 Photos:

You must not get disappointed with above reasons, Stellar recovery software is the best solution for your any model of Canon digital camera. It is the most easiest and safest way to Recover CR2 Photos, damaged, and missing photos quickly. It can cleanly retrieve photos, clips, music files and any other multimedia files. This photo recovery software supports all type of memory cards. You can easily install and safely recover your lost and deleted files. It is effective and simple to use For Recover CR2 Photos. It also got so many awards and top ranking reviews from may software companies.

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