How To Recover Deleted files From Sony XQD Card

sony_xqd_card_usbSony XQD Card is one of the best memory card that comes with various specifications, excellent performances and users purchase it according to his/her need and choice. It has the amazing data transfer speed quality and stores all the clicked images and videos. These cards are the place where the important clicked images are kept safe. Digital camera creates a lot of excitements in the people for photography for the professionals also and memory card has the responsibilty to store all the pictures and videos taken.

Sometimes, the images clicked in the camera are lost completely or damaged from the SD card and all the files stored in the camera becomes inaccessible. Generally, due to the corruption in the card users get the error like “Card Not Initialized” error. In order to fix these errors you need to format your card and as no backup file is kept means one will loose his data. In such situation users becomes panic and asks for the solution to Undelete camera photos. Hence with the help of third party photo recovery software , one can easily restores his all lost and corrupted images.


Reasons for damages :-

  • There are many reasons that causes error and corrupts the Sony XQD Card such as
  • Mishandling and using the camera in a very indecent way may be one of the reason.
  • Pulling out memory card from camera when it is in use may lead to the loss of images.
  • The viruses and malwares attack causes the corruption of memory card.

Using the memory card in the infected system

  • If its battery gets empty when you are clicking any photos.
  • The sudden shut down of the camera if low battery warning is displaying while clicking pictures.
  • If you have not selected eject option while disconnecting Sony XQD Card from your computer.

Explanation about the software :-

This applications deals with all reasons of corruption of Sony XQD Card and it recovers the lost, damaged and deleted photos from the corrupted memory card. Stellar Photo Recovery Software only work very effectively and restores easily the lost and deleted photos and videos. It has user friendly Interface and provides the safe and quick scan to recover all the media files deleted accidentally from Sony XQD Card. Stellar photo recovery software is more popular and effective than any other software.

Effective features of this software :-

  1. This application is compatible with all the latest and advanced camera .
  2. It has the ability to restore photos, videos from any storage devices such as pen drive, laptops and desktops.
  3. It supports all the photo formats like JPG, JPEG, GIFF etc.
  4. It is user friendly and the steps for the recovery is quite easy.

Hence , The Third party photo recovery application is the best solution for the recovery of your lost, corrupted and deleted images.