How To Recover Deleted Images From EasyShare Camera

kodak-easyshareKodak EasyShare Camera also uses SD card to store data like any other digital camera. But sometimes due to minor error you may lose your thousands of precious photos of yours and your family. The photos stored in this camera is not safe always and photo loss can occur anytime due to improper use of camera. Due to the connection of your Kodak camera to the Infected PC may destroy your camera resources and notifies you that card not initialized, sometimes while connecting camera with PC, the camera settings forces you to format your memory card for proper establishment of connection between camera and PC. And in this way the images are lost from memory card and it is not possible to recover images From Kodak EasyShare Camera manually.

Reasons For Photo Loss

  • Format Errors – The computer infected with virus may display formatting error messages while connecting camera to the PC.
  • Human Mistakes – Sometimes the Photos are deleted accidentally from Kodak EasyShare digital camera or format option may be chosen instead of selecting any other option and like this you may lost your image.
  • Wrong Usage -The use of camera when the battery is low may lead to the loss of data from card and removal of memory card from camera when the camera is in use , these are the reasons for the loss of photos from Kodak EasyShare Camera.
  • Transfer Error – The error caused by the transfer of your camera data from your camera to the PC or PC to the camera due to some virus infections may lead to the loss of data from camera.
  • Memory Card Corruption – The unexpected corruption of the memory card of Kodak EasyShare Camera due to some technical issues with the chip may increase the chances of corruption of your memory card and loss of data from camera.

Photo Recovery Tool

Nothing to panic, the deleted photos from Kodak EasyShare Camera can be easily recovered by Stellar Data Recovery Tool. This Tool is really effective and popular among all recovery tool in recovery of images lost and supports all type of data formats. This tool has user-friendly interface that enables the user to use software and recover your vital images lost.

How To Use The Software?

  • Download and install Stellar Data Recovery Tool From the web.
  • Connect your Kodak EasyShare Camera to PC vis USB cable or Card Reader.
  • Select the Lost Recovery option and select the scan option to scan your memory card.
  • The Softwares displays the lost images in the list that can be recovered.
  • Choose the images that you wish to recover from Camera and click preview option to view the images file.
  • Select the destinations where you want to restore the lost images and then save all files to finish the recovery process.


The Stellar Data Recovery Tool is best effective tool that allows you to save your lost images in any external device like Pen drive, Hard drive, CD and in other Memory Card. This tool supports all the digital camera including Kodak EasyShare Camera for the recovery of lost photos.

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