How to Recover Lost or Deleted Photos From Olympus Digital Camera


Olympus Digital Camera is Point & Shoot Camera which display very compact size and stylish look. It is fast and powerful image processing engine. It is equipped with an image sensor that sharp and high resolution pictures. It has long battery life that is good for more than 240 shots. While shooting images or videos you can edit and add sound effects to your videos or images to create a perfect home movie. You can share your photos or videos quickly and easily through Wi-Fi and bluetooth to your smartphone and computers. Olympus digital camera has many features like audio recording, video recording, photo shooting, motion detect, face detect etc. Many of users save their images but they are unable to access their wonderful images from Olympus digital camera due to loss their images or videos and they are not allowed to capture photos.

Causes of Lossing Photo or Videos :

Now a days many peoples used to capture favorite moments of their life for that they are using digital camera. While saving the photos or video it gets damaged and become inaccessible. Your JPEG files can affect from your storage device like SD card, Pen drive, memory card, hard drive etc. There are various reasons which can affect the stored images and videos.

  • It may be loss due to accidental deletion of digital photos
  • Storage media get damaged physically and logically
  • Due to system get corrupted
  • If memory card is formatted
  • Because of virus attack photo or video can be lost

Because of these reasons your video and photo can be affected and when you want to access those files there will be unknown error message occur. Due to this error message you can’t get your desired images. It may be loss because of accidental deletion of photos. Olympus photo recovery can recover their photos or videos.

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Solution For Lost Photos or Videos :

If your photos or videos has lost? Don’t be panic. You can use photo recovery software to recover your lost photos and videos. Even if the deleted photos emptied from Recycle Bin, or recover photos lost due to software crash, formatted or damaged hard drive, virus attack, lost partition and other unknown reasons. This software help you to recover the lost photos or videos and restores all files at your desired location after complete recovery.

Features of Olympus Photo Recovery :

Photo recovery can scan your media and find the lost files. It Recover deleted photos from memory cards. Powerful data analysis capacity ensures you find all lost images in the shortest time. It provides you the option to search in the sub folders. It can display the pictures in the thumbnail format. You can stop the scanning process at any time and then recover desired photos. Its Simple and clean interface that makes you recover lost pictures with ease.

Supporting File Types and Device Models :


  1. Supporting Photo Files : If your photo is deleted from your camera or any storage media, this software recovers photos from internal or external memory card. It is supporting JPG, JPEG, TIF, PNG Picture formats.
  2. Supporting Video Files : From your Olympus digital camera any video is deleted due to any error, this software recovers the video file. Supporting video file format is 3GP, MP4,MPEG, AVI AND OGG media player.
  3. Supporting Audio Files : This software can recover your audio files also. Supported audio file format is MP3, WAV, OGG, RPS AND RM.
  4. Supporting Memory Cards : This tool can help you to recover your images or video even if you delete your memory card without taking backup.
  5. Supporting Olympus Camera Models : This software can recovers all deleted or lost photos from Olympus digital camera.

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