How To Recover Lost Photos From Memory Cards


Memory cards are small electronic chip that enables to store photos, videos documents etc. and are used in devices such as camera, phone, laptop, camcorders etc. Accidentally some of the important photos and documents are deleted or lost from memory card due to unexpected corruption of memory card. Don’t panic, there are certain software that can recover all the media files and photos from your memory card by just a click.


How the Photos are lost from memory card

  • Sometimes by mistake you may format your memory card instead of deleting particular file.
  • When the battery of camera is too low and still you are using the camera that may also lead to the lost of photos.
  • The virus and malware may corrupt your memory card when it is connected to the infected PC for data sharing.
  • The unexpected fake message like your memory card need to be formatted for better performance, that force you to go for the format of your memory card.
  • Sudden release of memory card from the camera when the device is in use may also corrupt your memory card.

Third Party Recovery Software

This softwares help you in recovery of deleted photos that are accidentally lost from your memory card while connected to PC. The software has user-friendly interface and quick scan of your camera it can detect and restore the deleted photos in just a minute. It can be accessed with all type of memory cards that are used in different devices. Steller photo recovery software is more effective and popular software that helps in recovery of deleted photos from memory and any other brand SD card.

How To Use This Software ?

  • Disconnect the memory card from camera when the devices is off and connect to the computer by using card reader.
  • Download and install this software follow the step by step installation process.
  • Choose the deleted photo recovery option and go for scan of the particular drive from where the photos has been lost accidentally.
  • Choose the files and photos that you want to recover from the list of deleted photos.
  • Choose the drive where you want to store the recovered photos and it should be not the same drive from where you have lost your photos.
  • Save files to drive and then finish to complete the recovery process

Hence, Photo Recovery software is very useful in recovery of any deleted photos that are accidentally deleted from memory card. Its interface are also quite simple and straight that even a novice use can complete the recovery process easily.