How To Recover PSD Files From A Device

recover-photoshop-filesPSD File is Photoshop Document File that is widely used to design and edit images in innovative way. But sometimes due to some technical faults you may lose your important PSD File from your computer and you do not have backup of PSD File. So in that case there is no manual option to recover your PSD file from your system. Then you need to use an effective Recovery software that recovers PSD file and helps you to get back your lost PSD file immediately.

Scenarios that cause corruption of PSD File

  • Virus Infections – This is one of the common issue that are responsible for the loss of any data or any file corruption. The PSD file may also be corrupted due to the presence of some malware and virus infections.
  • Download Error – The incomplete download of some PSD file on the Internet due to the some interruptions like power cut and slow Internet connection.
  • Compatibility Issues – The opening of PSD file that are created using latest version of Photoshop tool in the older version of photoshop tool is one of the reason for the loss of PSD file.
  • Compression Error – The compressing of PSD file in order to get supported in some of the device or on some of the websites may damage your PSD files from your system.
  • Hardware or Software Error – Some of the Adobe Photoshop softwares issues and the hardware malfunction may be the reason for the loss of your PSD File.

Which Photo Recovery Software to Use?

The Stellar Phoenix PSD Repair tool are very effective and helps you in recovery of lost PSD file. It helps you in restore of corrupt PSD file and supports all the formats like .PSD, .PDD and . PSB. It gives you the recoverd file in its original format without any modifications. The tool helps in the recovery of PSD file from all the types of storage devices like Pen drive, hard drive, external hard disks, SD card and hard drives. The PSD repair software is effective and compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac operating system. It even supports the recovery from different Adobe photoshop versions like Photoshop 5.5, 6.0, 7.0, CS2, CS3, CS5, CS6 and all the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop.

Features of the Software

1. It repairs PSD files that is developed using any Photo shop color mode.

2. It is also effective in recovery of PDD file extension.

3. It supports the recovery of large document format files.

4. It gives you the bitmap image of recovered PSD File.

5. It supports all the Adobe photoshop versions and compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac operating system.