How To Recover RAW File From Memory card

raw-file-recovery-from-memory-cardRAW is a new format of image used by many famous digital camera and storage devices. There are various types of memory card such as CF cards, Flash memory card, SD card, SDHC Card, SDXC Card etc which are used in the digital devices like camera, mobile phones, camcorders etc. And the RAW File may get corrupted from memory card due to several reasons like pulling the card from the camera when the camera is in use, virus infections or some other software or hardware malfunction. RAW File Recovery from Memory Card becomes very difficult without backup. Some of the most common reasons which are responsible for RAW file loss are explained below.

  • Usage of camera while low battery – After clicking the pictures the camera takes sometimes to save in the memory card and sudden shut down of the camera may result in loss of RAW files.
  • Format Error –The corrupted memory card may show messages to format the card and this is the main reason for loss of data.
  • Virus infections – Sometimes the memory card may infected with virus infection when connected to the system for transferring the RAW files. The data stored in the card may automatically corrupted as a result of this infections.
  • Unintentional Deletion – The important RAW images may be deleted unintentionally instead of deleting the useless and unwanted images

The RAW images becomes inaccessible and invisible but RAW File recovery from Memory Card can be easily be recovered by the use of good photo recovery software.

Software For RAW File Recovery from Memory Card

The RAW File recovery software helps you to perform the recovery of RAW images lost from memory card. It almost supports all the RAW file formats supported by different camcorder or camera like RAW, SR2, MRW, CR2, PEF, NEF etc. This software also supports the recovery of other image formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIF etc and different music and videos from different storage devices. The recovery of RAW images can be processed almost all the types of storage devices like Hard drives, USB drives, iPods, MP3 players and other devices on Windows operating system. This software is compatible with almost all versions of Windows Operating system like Windows 7/ 8 / 9 and Windows XP, Vista and other latest versions of Windows Operating system.

Features of RAW File Recovery from Memory Card

1. This application is compatible with all the latest and advanced camera .

2. It has the ability to restore photos, videos from any storage devices such as pen drive, laptops and desktops.

3. It supports all the photo formats like JPG, JPEG, GIFF etc.

4. It is user friendly and the steps for the recovery is quite easy.

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