How To Recover The Deleted Photos From Olympus Camera


Olympus camera is one of the popular digital camera that uses high resolution lenses to capture the brand image with excellent picture quality. Like other camera this camera also uses SD card to store the precious image of yours. But sometimes you may accidentally lose your photos from camera due to sudden switch off the camera or the use of camera when the battery of camera is low. It is very difficult to restore the deleted photos from Olympus Camera manually. Lets see some of the reasons which are responsible for the loss of photos from Olympus Camera.

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Reasons that leads to the loss of photos from Olympus Camera –

  • Mishandling and using the Olympus camera in a very indecent way may be one of the reason.
  • Pulling out memory card from camera when it is in use may lead to the loss of images.
  • The viruses and malwares attack causes the corruption of memory card.
  • Using the memory card in the infected system
  • If its battery gets empty when you are clicking any photos.
  • The sudden shut down of the camera may be one of the reason for the loss of the images.

If you have lost your photos from Olympus camera due to the above reasons the nothing to worry, the deleted photos can be easily be recovered by the use of third party photo recovery software.

Photo Recovery Software

The third party photo recovery software helps in recovery of deleted photos from Olympus digital camera. This software work very effectively and restores easily the lost and deleted photos and videos. It performs the recovery from almost all the series of Olympus camera such as V series, S series, X series, E- system, Tough series etc. It uses powerful algorithm to scan the memory card and restore the deleted photos by just a quick scan of the folder from where the photos have been lost. This software restore the deleted files from almost all the like memory card, iPods, USB drives, Hard drive on Windows operating system.

Effective features of this software-

  1. This application is compatible with all the latest and advanced camera .
  2. It has the ability to restore photos, videos from any storage devices such as pen drive, laptops and desktops and supports upto 2 TB of data.
  3. It supports all the photo formats like JPG, JPEG, GIFF etc.
  4. It is user friendly and the steps for the recovery is quite easy.


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