How To Restore Data From Corrupted SD Card


SD card is the Secure Digital card which is widely used to store images, music, video and documents. The SD card is widely used in almost all the electronic devices like Camera, mobile phones, iPods, Mp3 Players etc. The photos that you click on the camera or other devices containing SD card may delete accidentally due to several reasons like improper use of the camera, pulling out SD card when the camera is in use or some other reasons. The Corrupt SD Card Data Recovery can be easily done by the use of the backup data but most of the users do not keep the backup files. In such case, the recovery of the data from corrupt SD card becomes difficult. Some of the reasons that are common for the corruption of SD card data are mentioned below.

  • The Sudden pulling of the SD card from the device when the devices is in use may lead to corruption of data.
  • The virus and malware infection may corrupt your SD card and causes loss of data.
  • The power failure occurs when the transfer of photos is processing from SD card to Computer.
  • The use of the SD card in the other devices that do not support the SD card may results in corruption of SD card.

Don’t panic, the lost data can be easily be recovered by the use of popular Photo Recovery Software. The data are never lost completely in SD card it becomes invisible.

Corrupt SD Card Data Recovery Software


The Stellar Photo Recovery Software is the leading recovery software that performs recovery of all the media file from different type of SD card. This softwares uses simple interface to scan the SD card and displays the list of recovered data by scanning the specific folders from where the data have been lost. This software supports the recovery of almost all the image formats like PNG, JPEG, JPG, TIF and RAW etc. The Corrupt SD Card Data Recovery can be easily performed bt this popular software. It also supports recovery of music, videos, MP3 and documents from storage devices like camera, iPods, MP3 Media player and Hard drive. This is compatible with almost all the versions of Windows Operating system like Windows 7 / 8 / 9 or Windows XP and Vista.

Features of the Softwares

1. This supports supports the scanning of devices having capacity upto 2 TB

2. It provides quick and easy recovery from Corrupt hard drives and damaged SD cards.

3. It provides you to choose the file from the scanning list and save at a specific folder.

4. It also recovers Music, videos, images, documents and important presentations from different storage devices.

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