iPod File Recovery After It Stops Working


Hi, I was transferring some files by connecting my iPod to Mac system but all of a sudden my iPod stopped working. Many times I tried to restart the iPod but the device won’t turn on and display only a black screen. I had stored videos, photos and songs on my iPod and now I have lost all of them. From that moment I am thinking why my iPod stopped working all of a sudden without any reason. Can I get back the lost data stored in iPod? Can anyone suggest me a useful guideline to recover iPod data when it stops working?

iPods are considered as the most popular gadgets to access and store media files such as music files, photos, video files etc. This device is capable of recording videos, capturing pictures, storing audio files etc and is an iOS based Apple device. iPods is more attractive and provide a convenient way for the user to listen or store favorite music tracks and thus can replace various types of MP3 music players. There are several factors accountable for the bad performance of iPod which leads to data loss from it.


Factors Due To Which iPod could stop working

Take a look on the reason that are responsible for loss of data from iPod :

  1. iPod may stop working if a user try to add new files to iPod memory which has already filled with may old files and do not contain any single space to store data. Other reason includes restore or rest of iPod to factory settings.
  2. The causes that might prevent iPod from working includes software updates, computer crash while accessing iPod data, iTunes DB corruption iTunes update etc.
  3. While iPod is synced with iTunes on Mac computer and due to power failure system shutdown suddenly then it may results in iPod stop working.
  4. If the iPod device get infected with virus or malware infection and thus the files present in iPod get corrupt or damage. The virus infection might damage the files in iPod system which can prevent iPod from working.

User may lose files when iPod stopped working all of a sudden due to any one of the above reason. Besides this, the data stored in iPod can also be lost due to restoring to factory settings, unintentional deletion, interruptions during data transfer when connected on the Mac system and accidental formatting etc.

Now the question is what to do when iPod stops working suddenly? The answer is reset the iPod that has solved this issue many times. To reset the iPod hold and press Menu and hold the button simultaneously for 5 to 6 seconds. iPod will start to work. But after resetting you may lose your data from the device and thus this is not the proper solution to recover lost data from iPod.

Best Method To Recover Data From iPod

Photo Recovery Software” is the proper and ultimate solution to restore data from iPod that has stopped working. This tool will solve the issue of iPod and recover various file types such as audio files, video files, pictures and other documents from iPod on Mac OS X. This utility can be sued to get back lost or erased iPod data and supports the file recovery from iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod nano etc and from other storage media including USB drive, memory cards, multimedia player etc. This utility is compatible with almost all the versions of Mac OS X Lion versions of operating system and Windows operating system.


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