Make iTunes Playlist Recovery on Mac

iTunes Playlist Recovery on Mac
iTunes is a media player and media application designed by Apple Inc. This iTunes application is the default media player use to play, download and organize audio and video files on personnel computers running on Mac computers. The iTunes keep track of songs by creating the virtual library, allowing user’s to access and edit song’s attributes. Such attributes are known as metadata and are stored in two library files. The first binary file is called iTunes Library and uses file format of (ITL). The second file is iTunes music library.xml is refreshed whenever information in iTunes is changed.

The iTunes application has a UI problem, it is far too easy to delete a play list and once it is deleted it cannot be undone. There can be various situations where your iTunes play list can be deleted due to different issues and some of them are discussed below:

  • Accidental deletion of Playlist while deleting some unnecessary or useless tracks on iTunes program.
  • The play list will get deleted when you update the iTunes application on Mac system.
  • Due to iTunes application crash, the play list present in iTunes player will be lost.
  • The play list may be lost while synchronizing iTunes library of iPod to the Mac computer.
  • The iTunes play list on Mac system may get deleted due to harmful virus or malware infection.Now a days user’s can easily browse, download songs or videos from Internet and save them on iTunes application library file without saving it on physical hard drive of the computer. If user’s are missing a play list, they can still recover it, if they are not added any new contents to iTunes library.

Restore Lost iTunes play lists on Mac

  • Quit iTunes.
  • Go to home folder, then music folder and finally into iTunes folder.
  • Find a file named iTunes Music Library.xml and drag it to another location or on desktop.
  • Delete the iTunes Library.
  • Re-open iTunes and go to file menu.
  • Select Library-Import play lists and choose the iTunes Music Library.xml you saved.If this trick does not work and users are not able to restore iTunes play lists then they must use Stellar or Mac Photo Recovery Software for restoring deleted or lost play lists on mac.

Stellar and Mac Photo Recovery Software:
However, when you come across severe data loss issues, you should implement on recovery software such as Mac Data Recovery Software. This recovery tool or software follows a lucid and comprehensible approach to retrieve deleted music files from Trash. It uses safe and proprietary mechanisms to scan your PC to scan your Mac computer hard drive and recover every piece of deleted, lost, or inaccessible musicĀ  tracks from Trash. By using this recovery tool, not only music files but other files such as photos, video and documents can be retrieved from Mac hard drive and external storage drives on Mac OS X.

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