Effective Solution To Recover Lost / Deleted DNG Files

Are you unable to open your DNG files on your computer system ? Have lost DNG files accidentally but now want to regain the lost files back? Looking for the best and most powerful software regarding the recovery of lost or deleted DNG files ? If your response is affirmative, well then fortunately you have reached the correct place since here in the set forth article effective guidelines on the complete recovery of lost or deleted DNG files have been discussed which would surely help you in getting rid of your issues. But before that it is actually important to know what is DNG files and the causes liable behind it’s damage or corruption.


DNG has been labeled as one of the most popular file format being widely utilized on Windows as well as Mac OS. It standing on Digital Negatives is basically an archive format developed by Adobe for the purpose of storing RAW images from various distinct models of digital camera with .dng file format. This raw image file format is supported by numerous image viewing and photo editing programs. This image files most usually includes one main image, metadata and optional JPEG Preview. So, obviously because of all such effective features these images sounds and seems very applicable, but still as nothing in this world is totally perfect, so same is the case with the DNG Files. These files are also prone to damages and can get lost, deleted or corrupted due to number of unfortunate scenarios.


Reasons Responsible Behind The Deletion or Corruption of DNG Files

  1. File Transfer Failure – Interruption while transferring DNG files from camera SD card to the computer hard drive or vice-versa due to sudden power failure or abrupt ejection leads to the deletion of DNG files.
  2. Accidental Deletion – Often while previewing photos on camera, users mistakenly press ‘Delete All’ option . This results in the removal of DNS pictures from the camera SD card.
  3. Improper Import – One may encounter missing of DNG files because of interruption or erroneous import after processing RAW image file to DNG file.
  4. Format Error – Formatting the memory card purposely or after receiving format errors, results in the deletion of files from the card including DNG files.
  5. Antivirus – Not making use of antivirus programs in the system or not updating antivirus program installed in the system leads to data loss.

Now after the occurrence of all the above listed scenarios generally people thinks that they have lose the files forever. However this is not the truth at all. The fact is that the lost DNG files can still get recovered by the usage of an effective software. But while recovery it is important to keep remember that no more DNG files should get saved as this reduces the chances of recovering old, deleted or lost DNG files.

Complete Tutorial To Recover Deleted / Lost DNG Files

To recover the deleted / lost DNG files in an easy and efficient manner, it is suggested to make usage of DNG File Recovery Software since it has been proven to be one of the most potent solution to the recovery of deleted / lost DNG files. It being composed of number of comprehensive file recovery features do have capability of recovering DNG picture files loss because of any scenario. This software has been found compatible with all the latest version of Windows and Mac OS. Along with retrieving DNG file format, the software can also recover several other RAW image files produced by wide range of professional SLR and DSLR cameras from various distinct manufacturers such as Canon, Sony, PENTAX, Kodak, Sigma etc.