FLV Video Files Recovery : Know How To Get Back Deleted FLV Video Files

Hii everyone!! Today I am here to share my pain with you of losing my FLV video files. Actually last week I downloaded lots of movie files with .flv format on YouTube and then stored them on my external hard drive of capacity 250 GB. Though all the things were going well but today accidentally I make deletion of all of them by pressing the wrong button. What the most worst thing is that now even I don’t have backup of those FLV files but I literally want to recover those files back since the movies were really exciting. So, now is it possible to recover those deleted or lost FLV files back ? If so ?? Then it is requested to please help me out in retrieving the FLV video files back. Thanks in advance…


Videos are undoubtedly one of the most vital media files for entertainment and sharing purpose. Though today with the evolution of technology, numerous video formats are available in the market but still among all of them FLV (Flash Video Files) has been labeled as the most prevalent one which are most commonly utilized by online video sharing websites such as YouTube via which videos can get watched online. The FLV files have been found equipped with numerous efficient features but it’s portability has been reported as it’s main advantage. This file format can get played on any portable devices such as cell phones, MP4 players etc. Along with tis it has been found highly compatible with all the latest version of Windows and Mac operating systems.


Is it possible to Recover FLV files ?

An FLV file is basically a flash-compatible video file exported by the Flash Video Exporter plug-in or several other programs with FLV file support. Now though because of all such applicable and enhance features the FLV file format seems and sounds very efficient but still there are chances that the files can get deleted or lost. Thus it is suggested to regularly backup the vital FLV files on external storage drives such as memory cards, pen drives, portable hard disk etc. But still in a case if don’t have the backup and you lose the files, there is no need to get worried at all. You can still recover the deleted FLV video files.

Events Tending To FLV Video File Loss :

File System Corruption – In a case if the storage drive like hard disk gets corrupted, then it will also corrupts the files included in it resulting in video loss. Generally the factors such as sudden power failure, transfer error, virus infection leads to the corruption of hard drive.

Deletion – Intentional or unintentional deletion of FLV files from Windows computer or from any storage drives has been labeled as one of the most vital reason responsible for FLV file loss.

Format – Often computer system displays error stating that “You need to format the disk in drive K : before you can use it” , as soon as you connect any drive to the system. This error message urges you to format the drive which ultimately results in FLV files loss.

How To Recover FLV Video Files ?

In order to recover FLV video files it is advised to opt for the Video File Recovery Software since it has been labeled as an ultimate solution to video file recovery no matter whatever the reason is responsible behind the FLV video deletion / loss. This software do have a very easy and interactive user-interface. It is a safe application which being embedded with numerous efficient and advance programming skills enables one to recover FLV files within seconds. Additionally this tool includes features such as file compression, Preview, RAW search etc. It do have potential of recovering FLV files from almost all types of storage media such as external hard drive, computer hard drive, iPods, pen drives, memory cards etc.