Ideal Solution To Recover KDC Raw Image Files


KDK data basically refers to RAW images produced by Kodak digital camera. Kodak digital camera actually stores images with .kdc as it’s file extension at the time when it produces a RAM image. RAW images have been found to be of the best quality than any other type of images. Now although because of all such efficient features the KDC file format seems applicable but still there are some unfortunate circumstances liable for the lost or deletion of KDC files from the Kodak Camera.

Image a scenario – You do have a Kodak camera and you have captured numerous pictures of musical concerts in it. Now after reaching home when you connected the camera to your Windows PC for transferring those files, though everything was going well but suddenly while transferring photos an unexpected power cut occurs and your PC got terminated right away. After that when you resumed to continue the process, you find the entire pictures missing from the digital camera.

Now in this situation it is very obvious that mostly people will not get what had happened actually and will start thinking that they had loosen the file for forever but that is not the truth at all. The fact is that the KDC files still exist and can get recovered by the usage of high-quality professional media data recovery software. But before knowing about the recovery process, it is important for one to know about the reasons liable behind the corruption or lost of KDC image files from the Kodak camera. Actually apart from sudden power cut there are numerous additional causes responsible which results in the deletion of KDC files from the Kodak Camera. But


Scenarios Which Tends To Deletion Of KDC Files From Kodak Camera are :

  1. Using same memory card of Kodak Camera on distinct gadgets by capturing pictures at the time when battery is low.
  2. Mistakenly formatting the memory card or file system corruption.
  3. Virus attack to the SD card on Kodak camera or establishing connection of the camera with the virus infected system results in the corruption of the card or inaccessibility of the data.
  4. Abrupt ejection of card eventually leads to the loss or corruption of photos.
  5. Accidentally making selection of Delete All option or deleting the pictures at the time when the camera is connected on Windows system deleted the files even from the recycle bin folder.

Complete Solution To Recover KDC RAW Image Files From Kodak Digital Camera

To recover the lost or deleted KDC raw image files, it is suggested to make usage of KDC File Recovery Software. This tool being inbuilt with high quality recovery techniques do have potential of retrieving almost every type of RAW image such as KDC, SRF, CR2, NEF, ORF, PEF etc. This software includes a very simple and interactive user-interface. It has found highly compatible with almost all the latest versions of Windows OS. Apart from Kodak, the camera is capable of recovering media files from even Panasonic, Nikon, Samsung, Sony, Canon etc DSLR and SLR camera models. The software along with working on KDC files, also works on tiff, jpeg, jpg, mp4, mpeg, psd, wav etc