Ideal Tutorial To Recover RM Video Files On Windows/Mac

Have your RM files got deleted accidentally? Want to recover your files back in their original form ? If your answer is affirmative then it is suggested to read this post carefully till the end since the post ensures you of recovering your RM files in few steps.


RM standing for Real Media has been labeled as one of the most common file formats utilized in RealPlayer. It has been developed by Real Networks to play audios, videos and live audio / video streaming. Now though these Real Media files do have awesome video and audio quality but still like several other video file formats, these files are also prone to damages and can get lost or deleted.

Reasons Reasonable for Deletion/Lost Of RM Files

Actually there are numerous causes liable behind the loss of data from digital device as they are highly volatile to corruption. Because of this data often may not get found on the storage device and thus, it is important for one to know the reason behind this.

  1. Suddenly formatting the card at the time when connected to computer or on camera leads to the data loss situation.
  2. Ejection of the card from the camera while writing process is on progress, also leads to the loss of data from the memory card.
  3. Inserting SD cards on gadgets which are not compatible with SD card results in the card corruption and hence data loss.
  4. Virus attack on the device containing card infects the file system and along with this the entire present data becomes inaccessible.
  5. Saving the data in the card at the time when memory card is full causes damage of data present in the card.
  6. Evolution of system issues at the time of accessing the files corrupts the card and thus the data present on it also gets corrupted.


How To Restore Deleted RM Files ?

It has been found that mostly when the loss of vital data occurs from digital media generally people thinks that the data have got deleted permanently but that’s not the truth. The data actually still on the card even after deletion and can get recovered by the means of an effective RM files recovery software. This software has been referred highly potent in recovering deleted RM files on all the latest version of Windows and Mac OS.

Characteristic Features Of RM Video Files Recovery Software

  1. The software provides the users with easy navigation via it’s user friendly GUI interface.
  2. It supports all the digital cameras, smartphones, tablets etc.
  3. It has been found compatible with IDE, SCSI, EIDE and SATA, ZIP, PAN and USB drives.
  4. It do have potential of recovering data from removable storage including even flash drives.
  5. It supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS files system to restore data.