Recover 3G2 Video Files : Effective Guidelines To Restore 3G2 Video Files

Overview – Have you lost your precious 3G2 video files by accidentally deleting folders containing 3G2 videos via pressing Shift + Delete button on your computer system ? Want to restore back your vital 3G2 video files ? If your answer is affirmative then fortunately you have landed on the right web page as here detailed description on 3G2 video files, it’s working, scenarios which tends to data loss from it as well as effective recovery of lost 3G2 video files has been discussed.


3G2 is yet another video file format containing videos, audios, subtitles and other data. It has become a very popular video file format these days since it do have ability of holding videos, subtitles and audio including any metadata. This file format enables individuals to make a movie with multiple chapters, music, subtitles and movie thumbnails into one single files. Now though 3G2 video file format is completely reliable and is compatible with almost all kind of media storage devices but yet since nothing in this world is perfect, so same is the case with this video file format also. The file format is also prone to data loss i.e., data can get lost from it under several unfortunate circumstances.


Now imagine a scenario – Suppose you do have a collection of 3G2 video files on your PC and you have stored it on one folder. Now on one day you find that your PC’s hard drive is full so you decided to delete some of your files but while deleting you mistakenly deleted the folder containing collection of 3G2 files. Now when you realize that you have deleted wrong folder, you tried you find it in the recycle bin but couldn’t find it there since you have deleted the files via using Shift + Delete button. So, now how to recover the get back the lost 3G2 video files.

Before knowing about the 3G2 video file recovery process, you need to know about the reasons liable behind the corruption or lost of files.

Reasons Accountable Behind Loss Of 3G2 Video Files

Cleaning Recycle Bin – Often it happens that users complete clean the recycle bin accidentally and thus the files get deleted from it.

Format of digital media – It has been found that whenever corruption occurs in the memory card or in hard drive, it forces user to format the digital media in order to make the data accessible but after formatting the card, he data such as images, videos get lost.

Virus Attacks – Virus invasion in the computer system may lead to the loss of 3G2 video files from it.

Transfer Interference – Mostly people while moving 3G2 video files from one location to another location makes usage of “Cut-paste” options but in a case if cannot paste cut 3G2 files to the desired location due to power failure or any other reason, then in that situation one may loss 3G2 files.

How To Recover Lost 3G2 Video File ?

Windows operating system enables one to create restore points for making up the back up of vital data. But often users do not make usage of it, this leads to their 3G2 video files loss. But in this situation it is advised not to get worried. Instead of that it is strongly recommended to use 3G2 Video File Recovery Software since this tool has been labeled highly effective in recovering back 3G2 files with the same quality as they do have before. The software do include a very easy user-interface. It explains each and every step briefly which will surely help users to complete 3G2 video recovery process without any hurdles. This software being equipped with numerous powerful and advance scanning techniques performs a deep scanning of the hard drive and external storage media to recover the 3G2 files. It together with 3G2 files, also recovers MOV, AVI, DIVX, VOB and several other popular file formats. It provides the users with two view types which displays only particular files and the folders which bear the files with the same file formats. Additionally facilitates the users with preview option in order to make them able to preview the recovered media files to examine it’s quality and confirm about their selection.