Learn Effective Solution To Recover Media Files From SDHC Card

Hope the scenario – You opened up your SDHC card and were expecting to find several files on it but find nothing.. At this situation ofcourse you will be in state of shock, initially since you know you put the data on it and now it is no more there. Obviously after such weird situation you would desire to know whether now you can get back the files from your SDHC card or not. Well, if you are suffering from the issue then it is advised not to get worried as you can easily recover the files from SDHC card by taking help of an effective card recovery software. But before that it is important for you to know what actually SDHC card is ? How it works and the causes liable behind the data loss form it?

SDHC card which actually stands for Secure Digital High Capacity card is basically a flash memory card that has been especially crafted for devices compatible with secure digital high capacity 2.00 specification. This card do have capability of providing the individuals with enough storage space to fulfill the memory requirements of today’s high-megapixel digital cameras. The card being available in capacities ranging from 4 GB to 64 GB can store thousands of high-resolution photos and the HD video clips. Now though due to all such efficient and advance features, the SDHC card seems and sounds very efficient in saving pictures, videos etc but still there are chances that under some unfortunate circumstances one can lose files stored in it.


Situations which results in data loss from SDHC card are :

  1. Files deleted by antivirus software – Data present in the SDHC card may get deleted by the virus detector programs in a case if the files are found to be detected by malwares.
  2. Format error messages – It has been found that sometimes as one connects the SDHC card to the computer system, an error gets generates stating that “Card not formatted. Do you want to format it now”? This kind of error messages actually arises when the file system of the SD card get corrupted. At this time the only way t overcome the problem is to format he SDHC card. This formatting results in the deletion of entire files from the SDHC cards.
  3. Unintended deleted of pictures from camera or mobile – Often instead of deleting a single undesired photo, people accidentally tao on ‘Delete All’ option or mark all the photos utilizing ‘Mark All’ option.
  4. Utilizing same SDHC card on distinct digital cameras results in the deletion of files from it.
  5. Improper handling of the SDHC card has been labeled as one of the most vital reason responsible behind the deletion of files from SDHC card.

Mostly users think that after the occurrence of the above listed scenarios the files have gone forever and cannot get recovered from the SDHC card but it is not true. Actually whenever the files get deleted, it doesn’t disappear straight away. Instead of that the fact is that the OS marks that area on SDHC card as ’empty or free’. Via this it enables other files capable of occupying the space in future. So, as long as no new file get stored on the free space, the deleted or lost files can get recovered from SDHC card.

Effective Solution To Recover Media Files From SDHC Card

To recover the media files easily and quickly from SDHC card, it is advised to make usage of SDHC Card Recovery Software since it has been especially launched with the primary objective of recovering files from all types of memory cards including SD card, SDHC card, CF card, xD card etc. This software include a very simple and interactive user-interface and is compatible with almost all the latest version of Windows and Mac OS. It has been crafted with such effective programming skills that it can very easily and quickly trace the exact location of file where it was stored on SDHC card and can therefore search for the deleted files utilizing their file signatures. Additionally it also provides preview of the retrieved photos, videos or music files.