Working Guidelines To Retrieve MOV files From CF Card

I do have interest in creating documentary film and so I recorded many videos of .mov extension in my DSLR camera containing CF card. Though my camera and the card was working fine but suddenly yesterday I found my all MOV video files removed from the camera. Actually yesterday morning my brother took my camera to capture photos and record videos of his annual day function and when he returned me my camera on evening, not even a single MOV file was there. What more worse is that I even forget to backup those MOV files. So, is there anyone who can provide me a relevant solution fr restoring MOV files from camera’s CF card. Thanks


In a case if the above discussed issue happens to you and you are thinking that you have loosen your files on a permanent basis, then it is advised to not to think so as it is not true. Actually whenever one lost or deletes files from CF memory card, it’s content do not get removed. Instead of that only reference to the files get deleted. But though it seems as it files is gone since the CF card marks that space free to store new data. Thus it is obviously possible to retrieve missing or erased MOV files from CF card. But before recovering the files it is important to know what actually CF card is ? How it works and what leads to corruption of the files stored in it ?


According to present scenario undoubtedly it would not be wrong to claim memory card, a very vital physical media since it enable easy sharing of data among devices. Now though today in the market memory cards of numerous types are available in the market but today here we are going to have a discussion on CF card. Nowadays CF card card has been referred as one of the most efficient memory card which makes usage of flash memory technology for the purpose of storing data on a very small card. This card include no moving mechanical parts and does not requires a battery to retain data. Additionally it also enables users to add data to a wide variety of computing devices. Being embedded on the Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA) interface, CF card comes with storage capacities ranging up to 512 gigabytes. So, obviously due to all such efficient features you must be thinking the CF cards to be very applicable but still since nothing in this world is perfect so same is the case with it also . There are several unfortunate circumstances which results in the loss or deletion of MOV files from it.

Causes Liable Behind Deletion Of MOV Files from CF Memory Card are :

  1. Improper removal of CF card while transferring MOV video files.
  2. Accidentally deleting MOV video files from CF card at the time when it is mounted on camera.
  3. Corruption of CF card because of virus insertion.
  4. Utilizing the same compact flash card on distinct devices.
  5. Mistakenly formatting the CF memory card either from digital camera by using ;Format’ button or when it is connected to the system.

How To Retrieve MOV files from CF Card ?

Regarding retrieval of MOV files from CF card it is suggested to make usage of CF card recovery software. This software has been especially designed by expert professionals for the purpose of assisting you in recovering photos, music files, picture clips and various other alternative multimedia files from CF card as well as from several other alternative removable media. This software has been designed in such a manner that in addition to MOV files, it can also very easily retrieve all photos or images of other file formats such as GIF, MRW, ORF, TIFF, JPGE etc. It include a very easy and interactive user-interface.