CR2 & CRW RAW Image Files Recovery : Easy Way To Retrieve CR2 & CRW Image Files

Have you lost your vital CR2 file on your Canon digital camera ? Want to retrieve them back but not able to do so ? Is yes, well then it is advised to the below posted article sunce it contains working guidelines regarding the complete recovery of CR2 file lost due to any scenario.


CR2 and CRW is basically a RAM image file format utilized by majority of the most popular Canon digital cameras such as 300D, EOS, EOS 350D, EOS 400D etc because of it’s coziness, fashion and high performance. RAW image files actually refers to files that contain minimally processed data from the image sensor of a digital camera. CRW and CR2 are ofte known as electronic negatives.

CR2 features and specifications – CR2 is basically the extended file name of Canon camera and distinct camera producers have diverse extended file names such as Kodak (*.kdc), Canon (*crw, .cr2), Fuji (.raf), Minolta (*.mrw), Panasonic (*.rw2), Pentax (*.ptx, *.pef) etc.

CRW specifications – CRW mostly appears as file format of Canon digtal camera. This file format is also employed by the camera itself.


Scenarios which tends to lose of CRW and CR2 photo files :

It has been found that generally problems like data loss and data damage occurs at the time when user is processing or collecting CR2 and CRW files. Some reasons which resluts in the loss or corruption of CR2 and CRW photo files are as follows :

  1. File format damage
  2. Memory Damage
  3. Accidental deletion or formatting camera memory card.
  4. Abrupt ejection of memory card at the time while camera is processing or saving photos.
  5. Occurence of hardware issues because of hosting system crash, power failure etc alos leads to the loss of CR2 and CRW files.
  6. Natural disaster has been labeled as one of the most important cause liable behind the loss of data. Thus in order to diminish the risk of data loss it has been considered very important to store all the data under cloud storage device. Along with this it is also suggested to back up the vital data and store them in safe place to provide them complete protection.

All these scenarios are undoubtedly very disastrous and mostly users after their occurrence thinks that they have losen the image files on a permanent basis but that is not the truth at all. The fact is that still the recovery of lost or damaged CR2 or CRW images files is possible with the help of an effective Digital Media Recovery Software.

Complete Solution To Recover CR2 & CRW RAW Image Files

Regarding the appropriate and effective recovery of CR2 and CRW image files, it is recommended to use the Digital Media Recovery Software. This tool includes a very simple user-interface. It being embedded with number of powerful technical skills has been designed in such a manner that it can very easily rescue any type of data deletion from any storage media. Aside from this it supports almost all types of memory cards including XD card, SD card, CF card etc. It on acquiring complete installation scans the entire storage device since it do have a very powerful scanning technique which can very efficiently solve CR2 & CRW image recovery problems and can get back all the lost or missing files. This software is compatible with the latest version of both the Mac and Windows OS.