Recover Audio Files From SD Card After Formatting

Hi, recently I formatted my SD card containing almost 2GB of audio files. I get shocked when I realized that I have deleted all the audio files stored in it. I had no idea to overcome this situation. Actually, my SD card get infected with virus and thus I decided to format the card. Immediately, I stopped using my SD card and took the help of one of my friend to get the solution to recover deleted or formatted audio files from SD card. But, I failed to recover audio files and now looking for a best useful method to get audio files back from SD card. Do you have the solution to recover audio files from SD card after formatting? Is there any way to get them back?

SD card is one of the popular memory card used in digital cameras, mobile phones and other portable devices or digital gadgets. The SD card is very small in size and has the capability to store large amount of data in most of the devices such as Smartphones, PDAs, Cameras, Tablets etc. With increased usage, there are possibilities that the data stored including photo files, audio files, movies and other files may get lost or deleted due to accidental formatting or other reasons.


There are several reasons due to which you may lose your audio files. Let’s have a look on few of them :

  1. User may accidentally or unintentionally format SD card that is connected to the computer instead of formatting the drives.
  2. If your computer is infected with virus or malware infection and you insert your SD card into system for sharing files, there are chances of your SD card get infected with those viruses and corrupt all the data stored in your SD card which leads to loss of files.
  3. If the files stored in SD card get corrupt then only option left is to format the SD card that will erase or delete all the files including audio files.
  4. If the SD card is still in the device and you press the restore setting option then it leads to the deletion of audio files from SD card.

Easiest Method To Recover Audio Files From SD Card After Formatting

To recover audio files from SD Card After Formatting, it is highly suggested to use “Photo Recovery Software”. This utility has been designed with a friendly user-interface in order to restore audio files from formatted SD card. This tool successfully recover audio files stored in different memory cards including SDXC, MicroSD, MMC, XD, SDHC, Memory Sticks, CF etc. Installation of this tool is very easy on Windows operating system and even on Mac system. Besides audio files, this application can perform the recovery of pictures, movies and other files stored in the memory card.


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