Recover AutoCAD Files By Following An Easy Guide Here

Recover AutoCAD Files

AutoCAD is a commercial software that is used for the purposes of 2D and 3Dcomputer-aided design (CAD) as well as drafting works like making a blueprint of buildings, blueprints and real estate city etc. Now-a-days it is largely used by professionals of different fields, including architects, engineers and project managers etc. Although there are many benefits associated with this software, yet its files are prone to get lost, corrupted or deletion. There might be several reason for this, including following:

  • system crash

  • improper termination of AutoCAD file

  • accidental deletion or format

  • power failure

  • virus infection

  • …and many more


There is no need to get disappoint as it is now possible to Recover AutoCAD Files by using the following two methods:

  1. Manual Recover Method

    • Using recover command to Recover AutoCAD Files

Recover command is one of the simplest way to recover a lost/corrupted/inaccessible AutoCAD file and this is done by following below procedure:

After opening a new drawing, select File → Drawing Utilities → Recover. After this, select the drawing from the dialog box and then click on OK.

    • Using Auto save feature to Recover AutoCAD Files

Open AutoCAD application → Go to Tools → Go to Options → Under Options go to “Files” Tab → Click on “Automatic Save File Location” → Check the location of the auto save files (Default location would be C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Temp) → Access the folder → Try to search for your CAD file name (the file would be of different extensions, like BAK or SV$).

At last, see the modified date of those files, if the date and time tally with your lost/deleted CAD file, then change its extension from .bak or .sv$ to .dwg.

Note- In Case Auto save feature is disabled, it can be enabled by going to Tools → Options → “Open and Save” Tab → and make sure “Automatic save” is active and set the time for auto save.

  1. Automatic Recover Method

The above manual processes may work well with an experienced user, but however, it may be a tedious task or an ineffective work for others or an inexperienced user. It applies to an experienced user too. In such case, AutoCAD Files Recovery software tool can be used. Following are its important features:

    • It is able to recover lost/deleted CAD files due to any reason by performing rigorous scanning.

    • It is especially built to recover AutoCAD files (.dwg) along with other media files like photos, audios and videos etc..

    • The recovery tool can make the recovery from any type of storage devices such as hard disk, pen drives, iPods and memory card etc.