Recover AVI Files From Formatted Memory Card


AVI stands for short Video Interleave, is a multimedia container format presented by Microsoft Corporation. AVI files keeps both video and audio data in a file container that allow the user to synchronous audio with video playback. Similar to DVD video format, AVI files supports multiple steaming video and audio both. AVI is the most common multimedia file format which is used in almost all systems, media players and other storage devices like SD card, external hard drive, flash drive and so on. These AVI files can easily be used in order to share on different computers through memory card. Sometimes due to unexpected circumstances there might be loss of valuable AVI files present in memory card. Some situations like crashed hard drive, deleted trash in the recycle bin, formatted hard drive partition will make you lose the data permanently. To recover deleted or lost AVI files from memory card, you need to use ‘Photo Recovery Software‘.


Some Common Scenarios That Cause Loss Of AVI From Memory Card

  1. If the memory card get infected with virus or other threats then loss of AVI file is possible.
  2. Sudden power failure while watching movies which are in AVI video format might result in loss of AVI files.
  3. Accidental or unintentional format of memory card will took out the entire information stored in the card including AVI files.
  4. Due to unexpected system crash when the SD card is connected to the computer result in deletion or missing of AVI data or the memory card gets corrupt.
  5. Improper removal of memory card from your computer, while performing the read or write operation that leads to loss of AVI file.
  6. When you delete your AVI file while previewing them on the computer will cause permanent deletion or loss from memory card.

If you are suffering from such situation and desperate to recover AVI files from formatted memory card, then no need to panic. You should know that the AVI files are present in the same place in which they have been saved. Only the links of AVI files get removed from memory card, so that new files or data can be added in this place.

With the use of ‘Photo Recovery Software‘ you can get back AVI files from formatted memory card. This recovery software is the best and most suitable program that supports complete recovery. Its powerful scanning engine effectively scans the entire device in a short period of time and provide you the list of recovered AVI files. This software not only recover AVI files but also restore other data such as music files, photos and other important data.


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