How To Recover Canon CR2 Files In Easy Way

Get latest and easy tips to recover Canon CR2 files. Canon CR2 or CRW files is files format for Canon digital camera. However the CR2 file stand for the Canon Raw version 2 which is based on TIFF files format. These files are in high quality and quite large in size. The image captured by the canon camera is really in high definition which take more space on your memory card and also if saved on PC then it’s memory too. Well it’s very common where user lost there Canon Cr2 files and search for it recovery solution.

Canon uses two different types of raw formats. Its first models, such as Canon EOS D30, EOS-1D, EOS 10D, EOS D60 are usually written in CIFF format and therefore use CRW files. Newer models like Canon EOS 300D, EOS 5D, PowerShotG1 X and other similar use of TIFF format files like CR2. A Raw Image Files basically refers to the minimum or image data from the scanner film sensor or the processed movie file. Thus it’s very sad that you have lost it and want to recover Canon CR2 files. The best way to get your lost file back is by using Canon Data Recovery Software which is available here.

Its name as a RAW file because it has not yet been processed and is therefore not ready to print or edit using any graphics editor. Although these flat files should not be used as a picture file, it contains all the information needed to create an image. Canon is used as the most popular digital camera ever received. Praise their online users for their new advanced high performance technology. Their majority photos are RAW image format, which mainly contains CRW and CR2 files. Sometimes these CRW and CR2 files, also called electronic negative. Well to recover Canon CR2 files you can use Camera Data Recovery Software. This recovery software is suitable for all kind of Canon camera model and compatible to both Windows and Mac. So if you want to recover Canon CR2 files in easy way then use Camera Data Recovery Software.


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