How To Recover Canon CRW and CR2 Photo Files Easily And Smartly


A Camera Raw Image Files basically refers to minimal processed file or data from the image sensor or motion picture film scanner. Its named as Raw file because they are not really processed yet and hence they are not ready to be printed or get edited with any graphic editor. Though these raw files would not be used as image file, but it contains all the information that is needed to create an image.

Basically Canon uses two different types of Raw Formats. Its earliest models as Canon EOS-1D, EOS 10D, EOS D30, EOS D60 are typically written in CIFF format and hence they use CRW files. Canon newer models as EOS-1Ds, EOS 300D, EOS 5D, PowerShotG1 X, and other similar one uses TIFF Format as CR2 files, instead of CRW.

Canon is used as most popular digital camera that has received no. Of praise from its online users for its new an advance technology, with great performance. Its majority photos are RAW Image format, that mainly contains CRW and CR2 files. Sometimes these CRW and CR2 files, are also called electronic negatives.

CRW specification:-

This file usually appears as the file format of Canon Digital Camera. Generally, the Canon Camera internally employ CRW file format.

CR2 specification:-

CR2 is mainly the extended file name of Canon Camera and its different producers have its different extended file name as Fuji (.*raf), Canon (.*crw, .*cr2), Panasonic (.*rw2) and so on.

How Canon CR2 and CRW files get lost?

This problem basically occur when user is processing or collecting their CRW and CR2 files, and this file accidentally get lost due to data damage, or virus infection. But its doesn’t mean that your files are permanently get lost. The situation may be:-

  • You have abruptly pull out your memory card while camera is processing.
  • You have accidentally deleted or formatted your camera memory card.
  • Your memory card get damage.
  • Your file format get damaged.

Hence, after viewing these situations., you should not worry about your lost data, because it will be recovered soon. There is possibility of recovering these lost CR2 and CRW files using Canon Raw File Recovery Software. Its major designed to recover your damaged or corrupted CRW files that would not get open normally. These recovered file get save as an error free CRW files.


Canon Raw File Recovery Software is simple to use

  • At first select your CRW file that you want to repair.
  • This software will now test and repair the files size of your CRW files.
  • A preview would get generated and is displayed on your preview Window.
  • Now just click on Save to save your repaired CRW files.


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