Recover Data From SanDisk Cruzer USB Drive After Formatting

Hi, I am using SanDisk Cruzer USB from past few months and it was working fine. But this morning when I connected this USB drive to my computer, it displayed a message “The disk is not formatted, please initialize it”. I become confused and didn’t understand what to do and thus I followed the instruction and formatted the drive. Now all my important files are gone. I just want my data back. Is it possible to restore deleted or formatted data from SanDisk Cruzer USB? Do you know any solution to recover all the files?

Yes it is possible to recover the deleted or formatted data from SanDisk Cruzer USB drive. It should be noted that one has to stop using USB drive immediately and make sure that the drive don’t get physically damaged. After that you can restore data from SanDisk Cruzer drive using “Photo Recovery Software”.


SanDisk Cruzer USB is one of the popular and widely used drive in order to store and transfer pictures, music, documents and other data from one computer to another. SanDisk flash drives are available in various storage capabilities as per to meet your needs. Usually its storage capabilities ranges from 2GB to 128GB. This drive is portable, lightweight and convenient so that you can easily keep data backup. SanDisk Cruzer USB is very popular in market due to its reliability and huge storage capacity. However, data stored on SanDisk USB drive has the possibility to get deleted or lost due to various issues as mentioned below :

  1. Improper removal of SanDisk Cruzer USB – The data such as photos, music or videos get lost or deleted when you pull off the drive from your computer while transferring or copying of files of after that.
  2. Unintentional deletion of pictures from SanDisk Cruzer Flash drive – This situation might happen when a user select all photos stored on the drive and delete them without knowing that some of the important photos have also been selected.
  3. Corruption of SanDisk Cruzer USB drive – Data loss might happen due to mishandling the drive, virus or malware attack which results in corruption of USB drive. This situation may leave your photos and other important documents stored on the flash drive in an inaccessible mode.
  4. Using SanDisk USB drive on different OS – If you use the USB flash drive on different operating system then this situation might lead to formatting errors that will completely erase the entire data present in the drive.

Undoubtedly, data backup is one of the best solution to avoid such data loss but if you do not have backup data then you will lose all your important data or valuable files. After losing data, are you looking for the best way to restore data from SanDisk Cruzer USB drive? Do not panic!

Recover Data From SanDisk Cruzer USB Drive After Format

To successfully recover or restore deleted or formatted data from SanDisk Cruzer USB drive you just need to use a proper tool like “Photo Recovery Software”. This tool scans your USB drive in order to find and locate data that get deleted or lost due to the reasons mentioned above. This tool supports the recovery of data from Transcend, Kingston, iBall, HP, Lexar and other brands of memory cards and USB drives on Windows computer and Mac system as well.


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