Recover Deleted Photos From Transcend Memory Card


Memory card is identified as a small card that has a storage capacity of storing large amount of data. Usually, the storage capacity of a memory card varies from 2 GB to 128 GB. The memory cards can be used in all types of electronic devices such as digital camera, smartphone, laptop, android tablets, iPhone and other portable devices. There are several brands of memory card available in the market and Transcend memory card is one amongst them. Transcend memory cards can be used to store your favorite videos, photos, audios and other documents. This memory card also allow you to transfer and store data to all computer and portable gadgets. However, due to many reasons or mishandling of memory card results in data loss on Transcend memory card.


Common Causes Leads To Data Loss On Transcend Memory Card

  1. Transcend Memory Card Corruption – The data stored in Transcend memory card may corrupt due to card error, virus or malware attack, capturing or taking photos while camera battery is low. These reasons are responsible for loss of photo or other data from Transcend memory card.
  2. Accidentally deletion of data – Files such as videos or photos are deleted by mistake from memory card results in data loss.
  3. Reformatting Transcend memory card – If a user by mistake reformat the memory card may erase all your stored media files.
  4. During synchronization – If you switch off your digital camera while transferring files from memory card to computer, interruption while processing videos or photos can lead to loss of files on the memory card.
  5. Card Error – Often user get an error message like “SD card not formatted. Do you want to format?” while connecting memory card to computer. In such situation all the data stored in memory card become inaccessible.
  6. Other Reasons – Improper insertion and removal of memory card from potable devices, power failure, improper system shutdown etc.

How To Recover Deleted Photos From Transcend Memory Card

Have you lost your precious or valuable photos from Transcend memory card then don’t be sad because it is possible to recover the lost or deleted photos from memory card with the help of “Photo Recovery Software”. This utility is very powerful and reliable that scans the entire memory card to recover deleted photos from Transcend memory card. It can effectively recover deleted videos, photos, music files and other files from Transcend memory card and also from microSD, CF card, SD mini, SDHC, xD picture card etc. You can easily use this utility to recover lost or deleted data from memory stick, digital camera, SD card, flash drive and many more.


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