Recover Deleted TIFF Image File On Windows Or Mac


Lets consider a situation : You have accidentally deleted TIFF images from your computer and you do not have any backup of those images. Those photos were valuable to you and thus you want to recover them. What will you do in such situation? Is it possible to recover deleted images from computer? Is there any way to get them back?

Well, if you are looking for an effective solution to restore or recover deleted TIFF images from SD card the you are at a right place.

TIFF file is a type of image format that has high image quality as compared to JPEG. This image file format is most commonly used on various media devices such as digital cameras, laptop, smartphones, computer etc. Most of the smartphones and digital cameras contains SD card to save photos. When SD card gets full with images and videos you have to transfer data to computer so that you can store new images in the SD card. But due to some unfortunate incident, the TIFF images can be lost from the device. But there is no need to worry as it is possible to retrieve or recover the lost or deleted images with the help of a suitable recovery software.


Reasons Due To Which TIFF files Gets Deleted Or Lost

1) Virus Infection – Due to attack of malware or virus on the SD card or other storage devices where your TIFF images have been stored might result in corruption of the file.

2) Accidental Deletion – Often user select all the images to delete without checking the important once and after deletion, they came to know that they have deleted all the images including the important one.

3) Formatting SD Card – Sometimes it is found that when you connect your SD card to the computer, you get message saying “You need to format your SD card” and in such cases many user format the media storage device. This action leads to data loss.

4) Improper Removal Of SD card – While transferring photos or other files into the computer or when the file is in read/write mode, if you suddenly remove the SD card then you may suffer from data loss.

Recover Delete TIFF Images File On Windows Or Mac Using A Recovery Tool

The files deleted from the SD card are not permanently gone and thus can be retrieved easily. Photo Recovery Software is a powerful software which is capable to recover lost, deleted, erased or missing TIFF images from any media storage device including smartphones, digital cameras, computers etc. This software has been designed with advanced algorithm that effectively recover the lost images. Besides TIFF, this software also supports the recovery of other image file formats like PSD, BMP, JPEG, RAW, GIF, PNG and more. Designed with friendly user interface and thus anyone can operate this software without any hassle. This software is compatible with the all the versions of Mac and Windows operating system.


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