Recover Deleted Videos On windows 7


There are various situations which results in deletion of video files from Window 7 hard drive. Just assume that you have recorded some priceless moments with the use of your smart gadgets to store all beautiful and valuable moments, whether it would be of your relatives birthday, best friend’s wedding occasion etc. You copied all your videos on Windows 7 PC. But, while copying video files to other partition of your computer you accidentally delete video folder by pressing Shift + Del keys simultaneously. This results in data loss. Within few seconds, the folder containing video files will disappear. So, what’s next? What should be done now? Is there any way to recover those lost video files on Windows 7? The answer is yes, you can recover deleted videos on Windows 7 using “Photo Recovery Software “.


Factors Responsible For The Deletion Of Videos From Windows 7 are :

  1. If user applies Shift + Delete key combination while accessing video files on Windows 7, then the selected video gets deleted or removed from the system.
  2. Often unauthorized third party tool are responsible for the deletion of video clips from the system.
  3. Unintentional or accidental deletion comes into picture when a user attempt or use Delete All function on the media devices which includes iPod, digital camera, camcorder etc.
  4. If the video files which are resided in Windows 7 recycle bin, definitely they can get lost because of emptied recycle bin folder.
  5. Sometimes an antivirus program installed on your computer may delete files from hard drive without giving any notification. It occurs when a system scan process is carried out by antivirus.
  6. The process of formatting the partition without checking the contents present in it results in complete data loss. It takes away all the videos, folders and files stored on the formatted drive.
    Thus, one must be careful while performing the format option and check twice if there is any valuable data stored on that particular drive.

You should know that deleting action does not remove files or data permanently from the device but it allows the allocated memory to be overwritten or replace with new data. Hence, it is possible to recover the deleted data easily from the system. If you are suffering from such kind of situation, you need not to be panic and upset because you can recover deleted videos on Windows 7 operating system successfully.

Easy Method To Get Back Videos On Windows 7

If you want to restore or recover deleted videos from Windows 7 operating system, then download and use “Photo Recovery Software”. This tool smartly works and efficiently recover deleted data from system. It is the best choice for users who have lost or deleted their valuable image files, video files and other files from formatted hard drive. It is compatible with different file system such as FAT 32, FAT 16, ExFAT, NTFS 5 & NTFS. This tool has a user friendly interface that allows both non-technical and technical users to use it without having any problem.


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