How To Recover Files Of Windows Media Player

Guys, I very laboriously had collected many of my favorite songs but don’t know how all they have got corrupted while playing in Windows Media Player. I’m not able access any of them. Can anyone help me to restoring all the lost music back.

Windows Media Player has been considered as one of the most liked and widely used media player that also acts as a media library for storing and playing audio and video files.Even, windows based smartphones can also be installed with this application. But, unluckinly, like others, here also is a great chance of corruption under some circumstances that can lead to data loss. In that case, you will loss all your favorite music and videos. Soem of the known reasons for the damage or loss of files of Windows Media Player are :

    • Accidental deletion of files.
    • Sudden power failure or power surge.
    • Improper removal of USB flash drive from the device.
    • Error occurrence while running the application.

  • Forceful shut down while running any programs.
  • Interruption while transferring any files.
  • Having any malware on that particular system.

In case, if you have backup, there is no need to worry since you can easily restore them. But in case of backup absence, you will be definitely prone to frustration mode. Don’t get upset, as there is still a chance of data recovery if you don’t have delayed so much. The sooner you go for recovery, the better will be for you. Now in oder to regain all the files of media player, utilize Free Scanner Tool. Some of the remarkable features of this tool are :

  • Compatible with both Windows And Mac Operating system.
  • It has very smart, interactive and user friendly interface that make it easy for non technical people also to use it.
  • Recover files from all types of internal and external storage media
  • It with efficiency recover almost all format of images and videos.
  • It can even scan storage device having capacity over 2 TB
  • It helps you to see the preview of files before recovery
  • It has been crafted with read only feature which recover data without changing them
  • it do have capability to recovers huge data at the same time at very fast speed.


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