Recover Lost Files From iPod After iTunes Sync Error


Hello guys, last night I connected my iPod to Mac to sync new videos and songs, but all of a sudden received an error – “Attempting to copy to the disk failed. An unknown error occurred (-69)”. After getting this error, I was not able to sync my iPod with system. The worst part was that after several attempts, iTunes deleted all the contents from iPod. My favorite music albums and bunch of other stuffs were stored in the iPod that I lost. How can I get all the files back? I there any effective method to recover lost files from iPod after iTunes sync error?

iPod is designed by Apple and recognized as a complete entertainment gadget available in the market. These days iPod comes with a storage capacity of 2GB to 160 GB and its portability is one of the best part of this device. On the other hand iTunes is an amazing utility used to sync media from Mac machine to iPod. One can easily update videos, music and other content on their iPod without getting any trouble. But often, user faces encounters with some error message while synchronizing iPod files with iTunes. During sync process, an error message states “synchronization fails” is displayed and restrict you to access important or valuable data on iPod. This might corrupt your iPod media player and further make your data inaccessible which is one of the main cause for iPod data loss. This might irritate you as all the data stored in iPod become inaccessible.


There are many reasons behind the loss of files from iPod. Some of the factors have been listed below :

  1. Presence of malware or virus infection might corrupt iPod file system
  2. While performing “Restore” function on iPod
  3. Accidental format may leads to loss or deletion of files on your iPod
  4. Interruption during file transfer from iPod to Mac machine or vice versa
  5. Failure of iTunes software results in file loss
  6. iPod used on multiple operating system such as Mac and Windows OS
  7. Abrupt removal of iPod music player while copying operation

Use Recover Software To Get Back Lost Files From iPod After iTunes Sync Error

The deleted files from iPod can be retrieved or recovered back with the help of effective “Photo Recovery Software” , designed with advanced techniques in order to scan and safely recover deleted or lost media files from iPod in less interval of time. Its user friendly interface facilitates the user to easily retrieve media file such as documents, music, video, photos, games, podcasts etc from iPod on Mac machine with ease. This utility provides and supports an effective recovery of media files from various iPod models such as iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic and iPod Mini on Mac OS. This recovery utility comes with effective scanning capability to get all the deleted, erased, corrupted or removed files back from the device.


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