Recover Lost or Deleted Data : iPod Recovery Windows


If you have given over to a large part of your life tweak your iPod music collection, you will know the ache of iPod data loss. Since iPod is one of the best creation of Apple Inc. It is portable media player cum FireWire drive and runs on iTunes application that manage songs, pictures and videos on iPod. It supports both Mac and Windows but it seems doesn’t work well with Windows. If you are one of them whose iPod data is lost, then here come third party which is going to help you in recovery of lost using iPod Recovery Windows Software.


Critical Situations Responsible for deletion of iPod data

  • Human Faults – Data losses due to human mistakes like accidentally deleting iPod files like digital images, audio songs and video clips or formatting the iPod while enabled in “Disk Mode” or performing restore function with iTunes.
  • When iPod is formatted on Windows i.e. file system is FAT32 and you plug it into Mac computer, then it leads to format HFS+ file system. Due to this in turn your iPod files will be erased.
  • Whenever you connect iPod to your Windows PC, you may experienced an error message that “iTunes has detected an iPod in recovery mode – Use iTunes to restore”. In that case, your iPod is restored hence causing deletion of media files
  • Sudden removal of iPod while performing transmission of media files.
  • Firmware corruption
  • During synchronizing iPod with iTunes software, synchronizing error leads to data loss.
  • Corruption of iPod file system.

Unfortunately, if you have back up of your lost data of iPod on any other device then you can perform recovery but sadly if you don’t have back up then what you should do. Don’t feel uncertain, I have a solution for you which easily recover lost or deleted data of your iPod. It means you can prefer iPod Recovery Windows Software for retrieving deleted data.

iPod Data Recovery Software

iPod data recovery software is one of the powerful and user friendly software that can perform recovery of all your documents, songs, video files, podcasts, e-books, and graphic files lost due to accidental deletion or formatting of iPod. This software runs very well on almost all version of Windows and also helps in retrieving lost files without using Mac.

Some of the Attractive Features are :

  1. Restore lost files from iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle
  2. Shows preview of all recoverable audio, video and image files
  3. Allows saving scan information and continue recovery from that point
  4. Works on Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000