Recover Lost RAW Images on Mac

Today, the DSLR or Digital cameras are widely used by common users and professional photographers as well. There are two file formats like RAW and JPEG which is used by digital cameras. What is the difference between these two files formats – RAW and JPEG? Well, JPEG and JPG file formats are identified as lesser quality just because they use lossy techniques for compression whereas RAW images are high quality files and defined as an original image format. RAW files are high resolution photo files generated by DSLR cameras. Moreover, RAW images ensures the maximum clarity or resolution to the image file.

Factors Responsible For The Lost Of RAW Images

Often it is found that RAW image files are lost due to human mistakes such as improper handling of camera, accidental deletion. Damage or corrupt memory card is also the main reason for losing RAW images. Have a look on some situation which leads to data loss :

  1. When the file transfer between memory card and PC gets interrupted due to power surge and sudden system shutdown.
  2. If you ignore the messages of low battery while using the camera.
  3. When you directly delete RAW photos from camera
  4. Unknowingly format the memory card
  5. Doing mistakes like selecting “Delete All” option while trying some other option in the camera
  6. Due to virus infection
  7. Storing the images forcefully in the memory card even after showing the message “Memory is full”
  8. Reinstallation of operating system

How To Recover or Retrieve Lost RAW Image On Mac

People used to capture their special moments with photos and hence, images or photos are the are always precious to them. No one want to lose them. If the images get accidentally deleted or you by mistake format the memory card, there is no need to worry. There is way to recover the lost data back. When you delete files or photos from memory card, it bypasses Trash. Fortunately, the deleted data is still present in the memory card in the form of raw data without any reference in the file directory.

Photo Recovery Software” is the ultimate solution to recover lost RAW image on Mac. This tool has unique algorithm which deeply scan the memory card or other device in search of lost data. This tool has a user-friendly interface and thus can be easily used by both professional and non-professional users. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows operating system like Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 8.1 and mac OS as well.

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