Recover Photos From iPhoto Library On Mac


Have you lost your valuable or important photos from your iPhoto Library? Have you wondered how to recover them back? Are you looking for the solution to recover the lost photos then you are at the right place. This article deals with the situations in which data get lost and also the effective solution to recover photos from iPhoto Library on Mac.

iPhoto is considered as a digital photo cataloguing application software especially built for Mac operating systems. This tool is mainly used to maintain, import, print, edit and share pictures from a digital camera, Internet, scanners and picture CDs. This application store all the photos in a particular folder names iPhoto Library folder. Further, iPhoto offers some advanced features including Facebook enhancement, full screen display modes, face recognition etc. Besides this, iPhoto Library folder contains data files which represents attributes like albums, keywords, ratings etc. If any deletion or corruption to photos or other data stored in iPhoto library, you will no longer be able to access data present in them.


However, there are several reasons which leads in the deletion or loss of photos from the iPhoto library are discussed below :

Common Situations In Which Photos Are Lost Or Deleted From iPhoto Library

  1. Synchronization Error – Any kind of interruption during synchronization of iPhoto library between a digital camera and Mac machine results in photo loss. This is because sync error will cause deletion of photos from both source and destination.
  2. Accidental Deletion – This happens when a user accidentally delete a photo file from iPhoto or delete an entire iPhoto library.
  3. Virus or Malware Attack – Virus attack on the photos stored in iPhoto library makes the photo inaccessible which occurs during data import from the Internet.
  4. Due to corruption of iPhoto library – Corruption to the iPhoto library database leads in frequent iPhoto crash and makes your photos in iPhoto library inaccessible which might further results in permanent deletion.

You can resolve the above issues by rebuilding the iPhoto library. How to rebuild the iPhoto library? Well to do this you need to press and hold the Command and Option keys when you tap on the iPhoto icon. You will get different repairing option, now select the desired option and press the “Rebuild” button.

You can recover the deleted or lost photos by rebuilding the iPhoto library with the help of “Rebuild” option comes in-built with the iPhoto software.

How To Recover Delete Photos From iPhoto Library

You can easily recover all your deleted or lost photos from iPhoto library using “Photo Recovery Software” that is a reliable and powerful utility. This tool provides an effective recovery of photos and other media files such as audio, video from iPhoto library. This tool comes with advanced features which helps in complete recovery of data files from the corrupt storage device. It is one of the best recovery tool to recover photos from iPhoto Library on Mac.


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