Recover Photos From Windows Photo Gallery

Hi, recently I loaded some photos from my digital camera to Windows Photo Gallery and after that deleted them from camera. While organizing those photos, my system started hanging and therefore I had to switch the computer improperly. After sometime, when I restarted the system, all the photos I stored in the system were missing from the Recycle Bin as well. Where has my photos gone? Have I lost them permanently?

There is no need to panic, because the photos remains in your computer unless and until it does not overwrite the new files. The photos did not get placed in Recycle Bin because this folder holds only deleted files. If the photos and other files get deleted or lost without your consent, then it does not get stored in system’s Recycle Bin. The photos were not lost or deleted due to system hang in the situation mentioned above. Thus, the lost or deleted photos are not present in Recycle Bin.


Windows Photo Gallery is identified as an image editor, organizer and sharing application that offers management, tagging, and searching capabilities for a digital photos. This application facilitates an image viewer that can easily replace the default operating system. Image import tool and an image viewer can be used to acquire photos from a digital camera or other removable media. But, sometimes user accidentally delete some of there important photos or videos from Windows Photo Gallery and even emptied your Recycle Bin. After deleting those photos you may regret for this action. But, there is a good new for you. You can recover deleted photos from Windows Photo Gallery with the help of a robust and reliable software.

Reasons Behind The Photo Loss From Windows Photo Gallery

  1. Loss Of Photos While Transferring – People often lose photos while transferring photos from Windows Photo gallery to external storage device. Thus, it is suggested to use Copy and Paste command when transferring photos from Photo Gallery to external storage media. Photos are also not pasted properly due to unexpected system shutdown or power failure.
  2. Due to Improper system shutdown – It is a sign of good practice to turn off your system when you close all programs and files. But, if you close or shutdown your computer without closing the Gallery application then it may lead to loss of photos.
  3. System Freezing – Sometimes due to many other unknown reasons like system hanging, freezing while you editing or viewing pictures in Windows Photo Gallery. In that situation, close the application before it responds to your command. In such case, you may lose few photos.

In case, any of the above situation happens without notification, then people think that they cannot recover the photos back. But, this is not the reality, you can overcome this situation and easily recover deleted photos from Window Photo Gallery by using a powerful software like “Photo Recovery Software”. This software recovers deleted photos or videos with the help of using powerful scanning algorithm. It performs a deep scan of the hard disk drive and restore your desired photos or videos within few minutes. This utility can recover various types of music files, video files and documents stored in both internal and removable storage media on Windows operating system.


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