How to Recover Shift Deleted Photos And Videos

Have you lost your photos? Have you unknowingly deleted your lovable photos and videos from PC or laptop? Are you unable to recover your shift deleted pictures or video? Then, you don’t need to get disappointed as you are at right place. Just go through this post. It will definitely help you to regain your lost photos and videos.


Photos and videos actually has become intrinsic part of our life. We all want to save our memorable moments forever and to achieve this, photos and videos are one and only source. And coming of gadgets like camera, smartphones, tablets and laptop has make it possible also for almost all person. But, as we are human being and mistakes can be occurred by anyone and at anytime. And accidental deletion is one among them. However, if you have simply deleted your photos and then, you can restore it from Recycle Bin. But, in case if you have accidentally pressed “Shift+Delete” button, then you can’t simply get them back. Means, you can loss your photos.


But, the relaxing part is that, every storage medium has a file table that keeps record of physical location and other information of all the files. And in case, if you have accidentally delete any of the photos and videos, then only index from the file table is removed, means the actual file still reside on the storage medium until and unless any new file is overwritten there. Means is you don’t have delayed so much, definitely you can get your files back even without any backup. Noe in order to regain all the shift deleted photos and videos, you must take help of “Photo recovery software”. It’s one of the most powerful and smart working application that has been intelligently designed by the team of professionals by adopting very advanced and high level algorithm helping you to restore all your shift deleted photos and videos smoothly. Also, you can regain all the damages photos and videos. Along with compatible with both Windows and Mac operating system, it has very smart and user friendly interface.


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