Recover video from SD card

Hi everyone, I have a Sandisk SD card on which I have stored all media files including some valuable video clips of my college farewell. Yesterday night I accidentally deleted some of the video clips from my SD card while coying them on the computer. The deleted video was very important to me. I don’t want to lose them forever as those were the last memories of my college friends. How can I restore or get back the deleted videos from my SD card? Can you provide couple of useful methods to recover deleted photos from SD card? If you have then please suggest few, it will be very helpful for me.

The deleted videos from the SD card can be recovered because the videos that you have accidentally delete are not gone forever. Even after the deletion, the videos are still present on your SD card, it only becomes invisible. In such situation only the index information is erased from the file system of the SD card until or unless you do not add any new files on the SD card. Because the new files might overwrite the files on the SD card. It is important to know the causes or factors accountable for the loss or deletion or video files from SD card. This information will help you in future in order to avoid data loss or while handling the SD card.


Reasons Accountable For Deletion Of Video Files From SD Card

1) Virus or malware attack – Any attack of malware or viruses on the SD card leads to corruption and often delete the contents of SD card. Usually virus get inserted into the SD card while copying, sharing or transferring files from SD card to computer via bluetooth feature.

2) Accidental deletion – Due to false operation or deletion of videos accidentally from SD card is one of the major cause for video deletion from the storage devices.

3) Improper Usage – If you remove SD card from computer or any other portable device improperly or you use your SD card to different electronic gadgets in order to access contents then it may lead to video file deletion.

4) Improper removal – Removing or ejecting SD card during file sharing or file transfer from camera or computer then it may possibly result in video deletion from SD card.

Although there are so many reasons due to which video get deleted from the SD card, there are solution to effectively recover erased or deleted videos from SD card. One such solution is to use “Photo Recovery Software”. This tool comes will several advanced features which helps in the effective recovery of deleted videos. This recovery software supports various video formats such as MPG, MP4, AVI, MOV, 3GP, M4V etc. It restore the lost or deleted videos even from iPods, external hard drives, computer hard disk etc.


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