Restore 3GP Video Files : Recover Lost and Corrupted 3GP Video Files


In todays generation each Digital camera is well equipped with a feature of recording and viewing high quality videos. These videos are recorded in several format in your digital camera. 3GP is very common in these cameras, actually the recorded video is generally stored in the 3GP formats. When you record or save these files then there is full chance to get a sudden loss. At this moment losing and deletion 3GP files is very painful. In another case it may be lost due to virus attack, memory corruption, mishandling of such files etc. If you don’t have any backup of your lost or deleted content then your worries might be terrible. But here you are not required to lost your patience as here is the description of the best solution of your problem with a noted video recovery software i.e stellar photo recovery software which is very efficient to Restore 3GP Video Files.


Stellar Photo Recovery Software :-

stellar photo recovery software is a very powerful and intelligent tool which is responsible to Restore 3GP Video Files . This software has been developed in such way that it Restore 3GP Video Files from storage mediums based on their different format. It’s strong algorithm just under goes through the whole process of recovery and identifies the deleted modules and tags and reassigns to these files and recovers them back to your device without creating any duplicability and changing in its original format. This software is very powerful as it recovers more than 120 different file types and recover all types of media files including RAW image files from professional digital camera.

Why stellar photo recovery software ?

stellar photo recovery software is a well trusted Restore 3GP Video Files software. Making no any changes in the lost content and restore them successfully on your device make it much attractive to use. This is very simple and user friendly in use even a novice user can also work with this software without facing any problem.

The main functions of stellar photo recovery software :-

stellar photo recovery software is very effective to Restore 3GP Video Files and many more. Here let’s see the main function of this software that has been described below.

  1. It just undergoes through the quick scan to Restore 3GP Video Files within few minutes.
  2. It allows you to preview the 3GP videos before your perform recovery, so you can pick up the ones you want.
  3. It realizes the formatted recovery from a memory card on your digital camera.
  4. It has user friendly interface which is very easy to use.
  5. It performs read only scan and recovery. It won’t create anything on the target drive or external media.
  6. Besides 3GP, this software is able to recover all formats of videos including WMV, MP4, AVI and so on.

How to take care of your 3GP files to avoid losing it ?

You are suggested to be careful while you record and view the 3GP video, apart from this you should always back up your important files on alternative storage device like CD/DVD and use better antivirus to protect 3GP file against harmful effects


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