Restore Deleted Photos From XQD Card on Mac

Hi, I am using Sony XQD in Canon power-shot digital camera. It contains a large number of memorable photos and video clips. But last night I lost them all because of unintentional operation. One single mistake and I lost all the photos and videos from camera. Since I am a photographer, it is a great loss for me and so I wanted to recover deleted photos from XQD memory card. I want to know is there any solution to recover them? Can you provide me the steps to get back deleted files?

XQD is one of the famous memory card used to store data and perform high speed capture and process of digital camera. XQD card comes with amazing data transfer speed and provide enough space to store pictures and videos captured by digital camera. This memory card supports high-performance, process digital pictures and capture photos at high speed. However due to known or unknown reasons you may loss your files. If you are the one who had lost their precious photos in the same manner as mentioned above, then the recovery of deleted photos is not a big deal. Most of the storage devices do not erase files after format or delete command. There are few reasons that cause loss of picture files from XQD memory card.


Take a look on the following reasons :

  1. If you disconnect your XQD memory card from your PC without using Eject option, it will result in losing your files from the card.
  2. Using digital cameras to click photos even the you get “XQD card is full on memory” or “low battery” on the camera screen.
  3. Due to sudden power failure, sudden shutdown of the system, when you use an incorrect Cut and Paste command, turn off the system while transferring files from XQD memory card to computer results in losing photos and other media files stored in it.
  4. If you insert or connect XQD card to the virus infected computer system can make your file inaccessible.
  5. Often it is found that user delete media files from XQD memory card while previewing photos on camera. Formatting memory card is other reason for the loss of media files from XQD memory card.

All above mentioned situations could delete or erase photos from XQD memory card. Thus, if you are suffering from such situation then immediately stop using your card do not try to format your memory. It is better to make use of “Photo Recovery Software” which is a best recovery method. This recovery software is designed in such a way that you can easily rescue any type of photo deletion from storage media. This application supports all types of memory card including CF card, SD card etc. This utility thoroughly scans the entire memory card or other storage device to recover the deleted or lost photos. This recovery tool supports both Mac system and Windows operating system.


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